Thursday, April 28, 2011

C-R-A-Z-Y Rains!

Memphis has had some ridiculous weather the past three days!  Hours upon hours upon hours of rain and thunderstorms and tornadoes.  During many daytime hours the sky has been as black as night.  And similarly, I've been woken up a few times in the middle of the night because of the blinding lightening outside.  It's been wild.

There's so, so much flooding, and it's only predicted to get worse.  In fact, BBQ Fest this year (scheduled for the weekend of May 13th) will potentially have to move locations.  The river is expected to crest on May 10th at 45 feet (which is the highest it's been for some crazy amount of time - maybe 100-ish years?).  They're saying that if it does in fact reach that high, Riverside Drive could be under water!  Insane!

It's especially weird because I've found in my almost-decade in Memphis that May tends to be the rainiest month.  That is, April shower don't usually bring May flowers - May flowers are usually already bloomed and get extra water during the month.

All this watching of the Action News 5 Weather Team has made me wonder what happened when there were really bad storms in the "olden days."  When there wasn't a tv to watch with updates, how did people get their weather information?  Did a lot more people die back then in really bad storms?

(In other news, we're seeing Arcade Fire at the Orpheum tonight!  Woo hoo!)

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veena. said...

We had some crazy rains here last week, too, but I loved it - minus my house flooding slightly - because it made the days so cool and pleasant that I actually looked forward to venturing outside the house. But I hope you guys are ok - try your best not to drown :) That's crazy that BBQ Fest might have to move. I agree, though, that May is always rainy - I don't remember a MusicFest weekend where it didn't rain.

and in other news, I was perusing the Orpheum's website the other day and was so excited that Arcade Fire was coming, followed closely by being bummed that I was missing it. I'm super jealous you guys are going. Have a great time!