Monday, March 21, 2011


Spring has sprung up in Memphis.  It was in the 80s and sunny yesterday.  While this was awesome in many respects, it makes me nervous that Summer is going to be soon and long.  Many trees are already blooming, daffodils are out, and our azaleas have blooms...and it's not even April.  Sheesh!

Anyway, in addition to the beautiful weather, we had a good weekend.  It was massively filled with basketball.  Friday night we had friends over to watch that night's games.  As I mentioned Friday, it was my first-ever attempt to make homemade pizza crust.  I'd say it went pretty well.  I'm probably not the world's biggest connoisseur on tasty crust, but mine was definitely good.  And I used about 1/2 parts whole wheat and bread flour, so it felt slightly healthier than "normal" dough.  I made two pizzas.  One had: red sauce, banana peppers, pepperoni, and cheese.  And the other had: pesto sauce, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and cheese.  Both were good (I know because I made a slice with no pepperoni for myself on that one).

Saturday I had a two-hour yoga workshop I'd signed up for awhile ago.  It was super fun!  It was a workshop for "yoga sculpt," which is the class Patti & I go to every Thursday.  Basically we get in weird poses and lift light weights, or get in positions such that our own body weight acts as a weight.  It felt good to do it for a full two hours.

In other very exciting exercise-related news, I was able to run twice this weekend with no knee pain!  After work on Friday, I got on the treadmill & alternated walking for 10 minutes with running for 10 minutes for an hour.  And then Saturday, after yoga, I ran outside.  I made sure to stay on back-ish streets so I could run in the middle of the road where it's most flat.  Fingers crossed I can take it slow/easy and then get back into the swing of running!

We didn't do much else of note during the weekend (except for more basketball).  We tried to see the supermoon, though.  Did you guys, as well?  I'm going to be completely honest and say that I can remember times when the moon looked bigger than it did Saturday I don't really know what I think about that.

Back to the grind today.

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Claire said...

I'd kill for 80s temperatures (or, let's be real, 50s to low-70s). We're in a for bad week weather-wise. Clear but cool/cold tomorrow, rain/snow mix Wednesday (vom), and more mostly clear/cold the rest of the week. One of my most favorite things to do when the weather warms up is to walk home from work. It's a great way to clear the head after a long day. Brooklyn Bridge can get crowded, but nothing beats that view.