Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I seriously, seriously need a vacation!  I've been having some minor MAJOR motivational issues at work.  And just generally, I'd like to get out of Memphis for a little bit.

I'm really hoping this family trip to Arizona will be relaxing enough to qualify although I'm somewhat skeptical.  I'm so, so excited to see my family...I just maybe wish we were gathering at an all-inclusive resort with a spa, instead.

(Seriously.  Just imagine with me for a second.  How nice would it be to spend an extended weekend/week right now at a big resort with a spa?  Lots of lush pools.  Swim-up bars.  Massages.  Delicious food.  Palm trees.  I actually think, too, that it would be really fun going with my/Jonathan's extended family - there would be so much stuff to do during the day [both together & solo] and then we could all hang out at night.)

But I digress.  At least it's Spring in Memphis right now.  That's something I can be happy about.  And our April is insanely busy (with stuff every single weekend).

I'm still dreaming of plam trees, though...


Claire said...

Ugh, same. And the weather this week in NYC is crap crap crap. I have two trips in mind for this summer: 1) visit Alissa in LA; 2) spend week in August with friends in lovely Burlington-area, Vermont. Will you be going anywhere besides Arizona?

veena. said...

I completely agree. This hot hot heat in Bangalore is driving me mad. I'm off to the beach next weekend where, even though it will still be as hot, at least there's a nice cool sea to swim in and lots of really cheap rum. I figure I can handle it.

enjoy your trip!

LB said...

I know somewhere you could go!