Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunlight, How I Love Thee

Finally - finally - we're back into Daylight Savings Time!  It stayed light until about 6:30 last night!  I love it!

I'm looking forward to:

-long outside walks after work
-dinner on our deck and on restaurant patios
-leaving work when it's still really bright
-the increase of people hanging out outside in our neighborhood
-walking to yoga (which I've never done before but want to)

I'm not excited, however, about getting adjusted to the time change this week.  Also, my body has been doing this annoying thing, of late, where every morning I wake up at 6, and then toss/turn (sleeping a little if I'm lucky, many days I don't) until my alarm goes off at 6:52.  And a lot of times, I have some minor anxiety during that hour (much of it related to how I can't sleep!).

In other news, the new Midtown YoLo location opened this weekend and we went once twice.  They have frozen yogurt and a bakery and house-made gelato.  Don't mind if I do...

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LB said...

Ha, we sort of posted about the same thing today!