Thursday, March 24, 2011

Retail Excitement!

I am excited about two retail stores, of late.

1) A shoe store in midtown Memphis called Peria.  It was started a few years ago by a girl who is my age.  I had never been in because I heard rumors that everything was really high end.  Well, my mother in law got me shoes from there for my birthday.  They didn't fit awesomely, so I decided to return them and see what else the store has.

You guys know I'm not a huge shoe person.  But oh my gosh.  This place is heavenly!  Everything is so cute.  They have tons of shoes.  But then also have handbags, jewelry, accessories, tights/leggings, etc.  I'm guessing that when the economy took a turn for the worst she had to quit carrying such high-end brands.  On Tuesday, the most expensive shoe I saw was $125 - but the average seemed to be $60-$80, which I consider about "normal" for women's shoes.  I returned the ones gifted to me and got a cute pair of BCBGeneration peep-toe heels.  And I still have money to spend!  She said she gets new shipments every couple of weeks, so I'm going to check back often.

2) An Urban Outfitters is opening about a mile from my house.  Now, I'm not a huge Urban Outfitters fan, meaning that it probably wouldn't be my go-to (as I think it might appeal to a slightly younger age group).  But regardless, I'm excited to have a retail store so close to my house!  To know that if I'm ever in a pickle and need to buy something, there's a perfectly acceptable (and reasonably priced) store within walking distance.  Walking distance!

I'm pretty sure this opens tonight...?  If so, I'm going to swing by after work and check it out.  The space looks awesome from what I can tell from the outside.

What, with the new midtown YoLo and these stores, I might never have to go out east.  (Although, PLEASE Whole Foods and/or Trader Joes, please open a midtown location!!)

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katie said...

where is urban outfitters going to be?