Thursday, March 3, 2011

PB Day?? How Did I Miss That?

Apparently, according to my "friend" Cooking Channel on facebook, Tuesday was national Peanut Butter Lover Appreciation Day.

That's a holiday I can get behind!

I loooooove peanut butter.  Love it.  Eat it almost everyday.  Some things I love about it...

Many Varieties
There are tons of different varieties of PB.  There are the "normal" peanut butter spreads (like Jiff, Peter Pan, Skippy).  There are the "natural" kinds (where the only ingredient is peanuts [and maybe salt]).  There are flavored kinds (like chocolate peanut butter).  And then there are creamy and chunky varieties of each kind!

It's Flavor is Diverse
You can do so much with peanut butter in terms of flavor.  It can act as a sweet treat (maybe you pair it with jam, chocolate, or use it to top a dessert).  It can be salty, which it sort of is on its own.  Or it can be savory (ie, peanut sauce and/or peanut undertones in Thai dishes).

It's Easy to Keep Around
Peanut butter can be stored in the fridge.  It can be kept in the pantry.  It can be heated so it becomes creamy smooth.  Or it can be frozen, like in that delicious chocolate/PB ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

How awesome!  My current preference is for the natural kind.  (My new personal fave is Santa Cruz Organic Dark Roasted - Creamy; this one is the best, I think, because after you initially mix it up, it doesn't really re-seperate like some of the other brands do.)  I like to store it in the pantry (even though they say you should store the natural in the pantry - I eat it quickly enough that it won't go bad).  And I do, quite literally, eat it almost everyday.  A lot of times, I eat it on a spoon.  I also like to dip apples or bananas in it; eat it on a piece of toast; mix it into oatmeal; or mix it into greek yogurt with oats and fruit.  So diverse and delicious.

So happy belated Peanut Butter Lover Appreciation Day, friends!  Go out and celebrate!

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