Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Natural Beauty Stuff

We'll stick with our beauty-related posts this week...  So I decided awhile ago that I wanted to buy less chemical products to use around our house.  Then, one day I was playing around on the internet and found this website.  Basically, you enter your beauty product, and it gives it a rating based on the chemicals in it.  Note if you decide to use this: you should actually click on the product once it pulls up to see the breakdown of chemicals that contribute to the overall rating (because fragrance makes a product rank high, which isn't necessarily bad if you don't have allergies).

So I've tried some new stuff, of late!

1) Nelsons Pure & Clear Acne Treatment
Picture from the company's website.
So I've been really blessed with clear skin most of my life.  But once in awhile, I'll get a doozy of a pimple.  When this happens, one of the biggest problems for me is using acne treatment creams - because the trade off for my mostly clear skin is intense dryness.  So add some drying zit cream on top of already parched skin and it's disaster.

I found this Nelsons stuff at Whole Foods.  My intention had been to get some Burt's Bees acne treatment, but when I looked at the ingredients of the BBs in stock at Whole Foods, the main ingredient was salicylic acid.  Um, isn't that just "normal" acne treatment?

The ingredients in the Nelsons one are things like tea tree oil.  I used it this past week, but it's hard to get a definite feel for it's effectiveness because I'd already used "normal" acne cream the night before.  So I guess stay tuned on this one.  But I was definitely happy to find a zit cream without any kind of acid or peroxide in it.

2) Burt's Bees Radiance Daily Cleanser
Pic from the company's website
Same as before about the dryness, I need a face cleanser that won't dry me out.  Also, a personal preference of mine is to use cleaners that foam.  I like this one so far.  I know it will be awesome for summer months.  I'm slightly concerned, however, that when the temperatures drop back down to normal winter/cold levels, it might be a little too cleansing for my skin.

Generally, I should probably get over my love of foam and use a non-foaming (ie, more gentle) face soap in the winter.  I might check out some of the other BBs cleansers this weekend when I'm out and about.  And I definitely plan to try out some of their facial moisturizers with SPF when my current one runs out.

3) Tom's of Main Natural Long-Lasting Fresh Apricot Deodorant Stick
Pic from company's website
Oh Toms.  I was first introduced to you when my high school boyfriend vehemently encouraged Tom's deodorant and toothpaste over "conventional" brands.  He was a chemical hater before chemical-hating was trendy.  So I had tried Toms in the past.  And while I don't remember exactly how that went back then, I know that this time, it didn't go so awesome.

We are all obviously very accustomed to using deodorant AND antiperspirant.  So there's that adjustment from the get-go.  I will say that it smelled very good, which was nice.  But 1) I hated the way it felt when I first put it on - it was wet, almost.  And maybe I need to re-work my deodorant routine in the morning, but I usually put it on after my shirt is on.  Well, since it felt so wet, it seemed like it didn't stay on me very well, and instead just rubbed off on my shirt.  2) Possibly because it had rubbed off on my shirt, I didn't feel like this deodorized me very well.  I won't say I had b.o., per se, but there was a part of the day when I noticed, "I'm sweating and I don't usually do that."

One good thing about it was that after a few days of using it, I could feel all the antiperspirant out of my skin.  You know how when you're in the shower, even after you scrub/wash your armpits, you can still kind of feel the deodorant?  Or you can maybe still smell it?  Well, after a few days of Toms, that was gone.  But I don't think that was enough for me to keep using.  (Also - I can only imagine how this would work in the summer - I mean, ew.)

Do you guys have any standout "natural" choices for beauty products?

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Claire said...

Mm, I tried to use Tom's - that's a no go. It just doesn't work. After I wore it for a few days, I had literal b.o. So back to the anti persp. A former boyfriend used the Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap. I wasn't a huge fan, but did get used to it after a while. It's fairly cheap, and, yes, natural, and leaves you feeling bright, shiny and clean. I will say I've tried to avoid chemical-y shampoos (avoid Pantene, for example). I use a brand my "stylist" recommends - Pureology. Sort of expensive, but you don't need much to get intense foam. I can usually stretch it for a couple of months. And when I can't make it to the salon, I pick up the excellent $3 basic hydrating shampoo from Trader Joe's. In fact, I've been buying lots of my bathroom products there of late - hand soap, lavendar bath salts, inexpensive shampoo. Highly recommend.