Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Maybe It's Maybelline?

First of all - it's March 1st!  Holy crap - how did that happen?  It feels like yesterday was February 1st and I was buckling down for a gross, gray, cold month.  Instead, we had insane temps in the 60/70s for two weeks.  And now we're in March, making it officially "almost-Spring," even though we'll probably get a late snow like we always do.

Anyway - back to the point of this post.  Have any of you seen/tried this new foundation from Maybelline?
Aside from the fact that it's called "Fit Me," which is an absolutely horrible name in my opinion, I've been totally interested in it.  One, the commercials make it sound pretty awesome.  Two, the website is cool.  And three, the packaging (ie, bottle) is awesome.  I've wondered for awhile why drugstore makeup brands don't use really sleek, cool packaging like their department store competitors do.

I've never used Maybelline product before - have you guys?  All the reviews I've read of this say it's a pretty light coverage foundation, which is exactly what I like.

Also - another really quick makeup question: do you guys use a sponge to put on liquid foundation or your fingers?  I feel like I've heard different advice from "pros" about which one is better.  I use my fingers - and it's fine - but if a sponge would be more successful, I'd rather use that.  Please advise!


LB said...

It's so funny that you'd post this, because I was just hunting down Maybelline foundation on Sunday because mine (Pure Makeup) apparently got discontinued and I'm almost out! I was interested in the FIT but was annoyed that there were no testers or anything.

As for application method, I've tried both but since I started mixing moisturizer and foundation (thank you awful dry weather), I def. use fingers. I think the sponge absorbs too much product, but it applies nicely. You should try it and see what you think.

Sarah said...

I agree with LB that sponges seem to apply more smoothly but absorb a lot of the product. Once summer hits I usually avoid foundation all together and stick to just oil absorbing powder, but I'd be interested in this foundation because I like light coverage the rest of the year. A big problem I have with foundation is if it comes off on clothes, which I hate, so you let me know if you try it.

Claire said...

Hiee. I, like LB, use a combination of foundation and moisturizer - just under the eyes and around the nose. I apply to just-washed face with clean hands. Currently, I use a brand, Smashbox (technically, it's concealer: http://www.smashbox.com/HIGH-DEFINITION-LIQUID-CONCEALER). I'm sort of obsessed with blending, so I sometimes go over it with a cotton ball. That does the trick. Have you been to Sephora? I usually just ask a person what they recommend. And they test the product on you, which is nice. Don't feel any presh to buy, or anything.