Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Food Confessional

- I've never had a Big Mac (but not really for health reasons - just because when I used to eat meat, I didn't like McDonald's hamburgers).
- I love tomatoes and bananas, I hated them when I was younger.
- Around 1st/2nd grade my grandmother's Romanian next-door neighbor made traditional cookies with raisins.  I came down with the stomach flu one night after eating them.  To this day, I still don't really eat raisins.
- I hate pickles, but wish I liked them.
- I hate dill, too.  Are dill & pickles related?  I know there are "dill pickles" - is that the pickling method or a description about the pickle?
- I will eat many, many sauces with a spoon.  Or I'll eat a french fry - but really just use it to eat more of the sauce into which I'm dipping.  Mmm - sauce.
- I don't like red sauce on pasta.  Take that in for a moment.  That's probably my weirdest eating hangup.
- I like raw bell peppers, but I think they taste 100% worse once they've been cooked.
- I think cucumbers are overrated.  And I don't love how some beauty products have a slight cucumber scent; it reminds me of face soap when I eat them.  (Not in a good way.)
- I also think maple syrup is overrated.  And often, I'd prefer a waffle/pancake without any.
- I used to be a Splenda-addict.  But then a girl in my book club told me she heard Splenda was created in some weird way (maybe because they were testing poisons on rats?) - and I'm done with it now.
- As seen in the last example, I love hearing about weird myths facts about food.  (Splenda comes from poison; diet coke turns into formaldehyde once digested by your body; celery is a "negative calorie" food; commercially-produced mayonnaise doesn't need to be refrigerated, etc.)
- I like non-traditional eating: breakfast for dinner/dinner leftovers for breakfast, etc.
- I cook a lot because I care about healthy eating - not necessarily because I absolutely love the act of doing it.  (I obviously like it enough - or I probably wouldn't do it every night.)
- I do love baking, though.  I wish I could bake every week and get really good at it.  (But I don't because I'd probably weigh 200 lbs if I did.)
- I think brownies from a store-bought mix taste better than homemade.
- I love eating dough/batter while baking.  Mmm!

Do you guys have any sort of weird food "confessions?"

Happy weekend!  I'm trying my hand tonight at homemade pizza dough.  I've never made it before.  Hopefully it will work out...


LB said...

Okay so wait do you like tzatziki sauce? Because that has dill in it but it seems like something you'd love! Also, can we get some more information about Splenda because I use it every day in my coffee! Do you use Truvia or something instead?

AmyBethJames said...

I don't like foods that are hot when they are supposed to be cold, and cold foods that are supposed to be hot. So I don't like baked fruit (because fruit should be cold) or pasta/chicken salad (because pasta and/or chicken should be hot).

I also have never had a Big Mac, because until I had one from Five Guys, I didn't really like burgers. :)

Also, if you like eating dough/batter while baking (and who doesn't), they now make pasteurized eggs in the shell! They're called Safe Eggs. I didn't ever really care about the salmonella risk until I was pregnant, but now I use those eggs and can still partake safely. Yummmmmy.