Friday, March 4, 2011

Fitness Friday: Make This Healthy Recipe. Now.

One of the things I really worked on in my fitness/health this week was refined sugar reduction.  I tried to have fruit sate my cravings for sugary things.  And I tried to avoid sauces - like ketchup/BBQ/taco (whimper) - that also have a lot of sugar.  (I suppose, for full disclosure, I should say that this was more of a Monday - today thing, since after church on Sunday, I had a cookie that I fully intended to avoid but couldn't because I am weak and they are strong and they looked freaking amazing.)  But anyway, it went really well Monday through today.  I bought some awesome all-fruit bars from Whole Foods that I had available for desserts (which do have some sugar in them, but mostly get their sweetness from the fruit).

Another thing that made the week totally tolerable, and dare I say, enjoyable, was this awesome, awesome, freaking incredible, brilliant recipe.

Before I go on, I should say that my major weakness towards sweets is in frozen yogurt.  I looooooove frozen yogurt.  There's a TCBY right down the street from my house.  There's a YoLo all the way in East Memphis.  And both of these locations are frequented a lot by me.  I just love it!  I could eat it everyday, no question.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw one of my favorite bloggers Healthy Tipping Point make a reference to a post titled "This Post Will Change Your Life" written by one of her favorite bloggers, Choosing Raw.

Why will that post change your life, you might wonder?  Because it is a recipe for healthy ice cream/frozen yogurt.  And it couldn't be more simple!

Start with some bananas (I've been doing three - I don't think it matters how many, but one of those posts says doing just one doesn't work very well).

Peel them, cut them into chunks, put them in a plastic baggie or tupperware, and put them in the freezer to freeze thoroughly (like, overnight freeze).

Once frozen, put all the chunks in your food processor.  (You should note that the food processor is pretty necessary for this because a blender's motor isn't designed to run for 5 minutes straight.)

Set a timer for five minutes, just because when you're mixing, it seems like you're doing it longer than you actually are.  Five minutes is maybe slightly generous - but you don't want to give up until you've reached the full fluff potential, so having a reference time is good.

And then just mix them for about 5 minutes, stopping occasionally to scrape stuff down with your spatula.  The original recipe doesn't call for anything other than bananas, but I've found that after maybe a minute or so, a pretty thick, clumpy ball of banana forms like this.

At this point, I usually add a little bit of vanilla soymilk to help break it up.  This is not called for in the original recipe, but I also like that it adds a little vanilla flavor to the mixture.

So after around 5 minutes, you'll noticed the mixture has about tripled in size, and what you have is this.

It's basically the exact texture of frozen yogurt.  Only it's 100x more filling because it's a banana and has all that fiber.

If you love frozen yogurt, try this!  It's such an interesting idea, I think.  I've also been thinking of all the cool things you could do to it...  You could throw in a few pieces of other frozen fruit to mix up the flavor.  You could throw in some spices like cinnamon or nutmeg.  You could mix stuff in after it's been made (like maybe nuts or chocolate chips).  You could top it with chocolate syrup/caramel sauce/melted peanut butter/etc.  The possibilities are endless!  I'm wondering what would happen if you froze some Greek yogurt in an ice cube tray and tossed a couple of those in...  (One small disclosure, this is never as awesome the next day.  Even if you set it out to warm up a little, the texture is really at its peak fresh out of the Cuisinart.  I would imagine you could re-food process the frozen mixture the next day [but really, I hate cleaning the cuisinart as is, so I just deal with the fact that it isn't as froyo-ie the next day.])

Happy weekend, guys!


LB said...

Mmm that sounds delicious!!!! This would be a great exercise for me because I really need to learn to use our food processor (right now I'm pretty sure I couldn't even assemble the pieces together).

Eleanor said...

Jackie! This looks AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing!

I am glad you found my blog and I am excited to keep up with yours too!! How did you find my blog...I am always curious to know:)

Hope you are doing well!