Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exciting Day!

First there's a little bit of this going around:
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And then there's about to be a lot of this:
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And in my book?  Those things make a pretty fun day!  I'm wearing a green shirt (which, nowadays, is the extent of my St. Patrick's Day celebrating [oh to think of the booze-fests of yore...]).  I did try to see, though, if there were any Irish foods I could make for dinner on the fly (and as you might imagine, found nothing that could be made with the stuff I have on hand).  I'm thinking about a green smoothie...that might do it.

And tomorrow I'll be wearing my blue & grey to cheer on the Memphis T-I-G-E-R-S at 1:45! 

Additionally, on my bracket this year, I have my beloved Ohio State Buckeyes taking the title (I'm originally from Ohio, for those of you that didn't know), which will hopefully make for fun tournament-watching.

Are you guys more excited about St. Patty's celebrations (if so, what are you doing?) or basketball?  As I said a couple days ago, I'm pretty sure our breakroom at work is going to be full of people watching games on tv all day.  (And as I also said a couple days ago, the boss being out is pretty conducive to this behavior.)

Happy St. Pat's Day and Happy March Madness!

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