Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The highlight of my day off yesterday (which, granted, didn't have that much competition, since my other activities were: cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, and cleaning the shower) was a private yoga lesson!

I had been pondering which class to attend during the day.  There were some good options - but since I also wanted to walk on the treadmill, the 2pm-3pm class was going to be best.  It was also a "pay what you can" - so that sort of sealed the deal.

I was the first person to arrive - no big deal.  Except then....no one else arrived!  I asked the teacher Larrie (a woman - pronounced "Luh-ree") if she minded teaching to one.  She said heck no - and it would be a great class for both of us because we could focus on what I wanted, but then she could also practice with me.  Of course when she asked what I wanted to work on, I said HEADSTANDS!

So in addition to a great, challenging class, she was able to give me one-on-one attention as we did every pose.  Then when we worked on headstands, it was awesome!  We set up 7 stacked blocks against the wall.  The highest one jutted out, so when I went up into my headstand, that block hit in between my shoulder blades.  Basically it was helping me understand how to position my back so that hopefully I won't always have to use the wall.

It was a lovely highlight to an otherwise not super relaxing day.  Back to the grind today, though.

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