Monday, February 21, 2011

Pres. Day

Is anyone else home from work on this glorious stock market holiday?  As a repeat from MLK day, I just have to say: sometimes working for a bank is today.

We'll have to see where the day takes me.  I'm hoping to: walk on the treadmill for awhile; go to a daytime yoga class; clean the kitchen; do the laundry; read my book; and do anything else my little heart desires!  I think the weather might be overcast/rainy, which is no fun.  But at least it's warm.

As a side note - yesterday the high in Memphis was 73, apparently.  While that's sort of awesome in its own little way, I'm worried.  I'm worried that all the plants are going to think Spring has sprung, only to shoot their Springtime blooms and have them DESTROYED by the inevitable cold weather we'll have in March.

And as another side note - I wish on my day off today I could watch more episodes of Downton Abbey!  Jonathan & I took everyone's advice and started watching it through our Netflix on Demand.  I'm so into it!  But alas - I'll wait until Jonathan's home to watch another episode.

That's about all I've got.  Hope you guys are having a great day off if you have one.  (And if you don't, I imagine you're rolling your eyes right now.)


Sarah said...

I'll be the first to roll my eyes. Wash U has MLK as a holiday but not president's day. Therefore, I have work and school tonight. Yuck.

LB said...

I'm off too! However, working from home because we're so slammed. YAY.

Tippy said...

The Brits don't care about presidents so I'm at work. :)

But DOWNTON ABBEY!!! I'm absolutely obsessed. It was a Sunday night highlight for Graham and me. The second season is coming out soon according to the newspaper, so I cannot wait.

Claire said...

Yes! I'm so glad you like it. I'm now starting another quite popular Masterpiece series 'Bleak House' (starring, oddly enough, Gillian Anderson, and others). Comes highly recommended. Not far enough into it to have any real opinions, but I'll keep you posted.

Claire said...

Oh, and I have off Pres Day and MLK. I'm in a union (a legal services local of the UAW, what WHAAAT) and we have off lots. I switched jobs in the last four months. I don't know if I you know that? (And which, btw, is why I haven't been able to read your blog recently; just been very busy.)