Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pour Some Sugar On Me...

Ok - so most women I know crave sugar.  They love it.  They find chocolate comforting and necessary when their hormones are getting the best of them.  They're likely to reach for a cookie or cupcake in a time of need.

But strangely, I've never been like that.  For me, it's always been salty.  Mmm.  Whenever I feel any sort of craving, it's for something deliciously salty/savory: chips/french fries, sharp cheese, ketchup, etc.  It's not that I don't like sweets - I absolutely do - but when it comes to a craving, I'm much more likely to crave something salty/savory vs. something sweet.

But then I gave up caffeine and alcohol and the weirdest thing happened.  I started to feel my body crave sugar!  This totally foreign feeling.  I'm sitting at work stressing out about something and my body screams "KIT KAT BAR!"  I get home from work and look for a snack, and my eyes hone in on NUTELLA.  I'm sitting around the house not doing anything on Saturday and I feel this strong desire to go to YOLO!  My morning oatmeal doesn't feel sweet enough, BETTER PUT SOME HONEY ON IT.

I think it could be one of those situations that was sort of a slippery slope.  So, maybe I had a little extra sugar when I first quit the caff/booze just because I wanted a "treat," but then my body got used to it and now it's craving it.

But regardless - I don't want to eat so much sugar!  So I really need to cut back.  I need to eat grapes or some other sweet fruit when I'm in intense craving mode.  I need to have one dark chocolate Hershey's kiss after dinner and then brush my teeth for the night.  I need to LAY OFF the Nutella.

But it's so good...

(Actually, yesterday I tried hard to not eat so much and did pretty well - even when I ran to Walgreens after lunch and was thisclose to purchasing candy and/or a diet root beer.  I'm going to try again today.  Maybe if I can lay off for a few days, my body will go back to its normal ways.)

Do you guys crave anything?  Does it tend to be sugary or salty/savory?

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Claire said...

I'm with you - crave the salty over the sweet any day. No surprise considering your ketchup love. :)