Monday, February 28, 2011


I am nerdily excited about the Oscars this year.  We saw many of the movies nominated, which might add to the excitement...

But anyway - I'm typing this post as I watch the show - so here's a little glimpse into my head!  (Side note - I have no idea if this post will be interesting to you guys or not...)

General Thoughts About the Red Carpet Pre-Show...
-The green room for the presenting actors looks pretty swank.
-So many "vintage" dresses - and it's wild how relevant a lot of them look to today's fashion.

-Oh hello there, Colin Firth.
-Jennifer Hudson is so skinny!!  Weight Watchers is clearly working for her.
-Natalie Portman's maternity dresses have been so cute for all these awards shows.  (But man - those earrings are pretty awful.)
-I've said this a lot, but I'm pretty sure Gweneth Palthrow and I would be friends if we knew each other.
-Tim Gunn is freaking adorable.

The Show Itself...
-Anne and James' opening video montage was hysterical!
-I think they're really nervous to be hosting.  But they're both so stinking cute, it'll be alright.
-I don't think we need Kirk Douglass to give any awards tonight.
-Anne has such a pretty singing voice.
-I love the song mash-ups with each film!  "Does he own a shirt?"  "He's too sexy for a shirt."
-That Bob Hope thing was a little weird.
-Anne has changed her outfit and hair ~20 times.
-Does Jennifer Hudson have a tough time reading?  Suuuuper awkward.
-Yay!  Natalie won - she got the triple crown this year.
-Yay! Colin won!  Another triple crown.  Wait - what's that, Colin?  You want to take me out to dinner?  You want to celebrate your win with me?  But I'm a married woman...

General Thoughts
It was a good show overall.  I enjoyed the music/singing that was interwoven throughout.  Anne and James were fine - not great, not awful - totally acceptable.  Some of the flashback montages might have been a little unnecessary, but it was a fresh, new way to do the show, so I like that.

And as far as the winners...  Well, I liked all the movies I saw.  I'm glad they all won a couple awards apiece.  I loved The King's Speech, so I'm certainly not unhappy it won best picture - I sort of think, though, that The Social Network might embody the present (on an epic level) more.  But that's ok. 

It was a good year for's to another!

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