Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Snow!

We got a nice little weather system that came through Memphis yesterday afternoon dumping about 3 inches of snow (ie, enough to shut everything down).  I left the office around 12:30, which was glorious, except that I had to work from home instead of laying on the couch watching movies like I normally do when snow shuts down the office.  I'm actually really glad I left when I did, though, because I saw some awful comments on facebook about commutes taking hours.  No thanks.

I was lamenting with some of my co-workers about how awful Memphis drivers are when it snows.  But it led me to this (somewhat obvious) thought: I bet Memphians - or Southerners in general - never really learn to drive in snow when they're kids.  Because there just isn't enough snow!

It took me back to my own snow-driving lessons.  We'd had a big storm and my stepdad took me to the parking lot at my high school.  It was empty and covered with a snowy-icy mess.

Activity One: when the car is at rest, slam your foot on the accelerator.
Reaction: the car spins out and/or the wheels spin but the car doesn't move anywhere.
Lesson Learned: always ease on the accelerator when driving in snow.

Activity Two: while going at a reasonable speed, slam your foot on the brake.
Reaction: the car skids and/or spins.
Lesson Learned: use the brake gingerly, and make sure you aren't too close behind other cars.

Activity Three: really try to gain good speed, then slam the brake as hard as you can.
Reaction: the car spins and makes a "donut" in the snow.
Lesson Learned: my stepdad is cool.

Simple, yet effective.

Anyway - back to the grind (at the office) today.


LB said...

Yeah definitely never had a driving-in-snow lesson! Until of course, I got stuck in a snowy pothole and almost hit a car, that was my lesson....last month.

veena. said...

I know you guys are probably ready to be done with the snow, but I am majorly jealous of everyone living in cold environments at the moment. It's over 80 degrees here, and I am dying of dehydration. Send some snow to Bangalore!

Sarah said...

I had a similar lesson in the good old LHS parking lot. Haha. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Yup. In Atlanta, there were no snow driving lessons. I'm waiting to get my Pittsburgh license until the snow stops this year, but I'll have to take myself out and practice your steps next winter!