Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Would Like...

(I was initially going to title this "Things I Want" - but that doesn't quite seem right.  Because some of these things I could have, probably.  Ie, this post is much lighter than, say, "Things I'd Like To Do To Change My Life."  Make sense?)

So.  I would like...

1) A laptop of my own where I can attempt to do creative writing.
*I'll have this soon - I've been saving money!

2) A job where a good chunk of my time is spent communicating with other people.  I currently do a lot of sitting at my desk.  I'm either working on the computer or reading text - not interacting with anyone.

3) To be back on the time (is it Daylight Savings?  Or are we in that now?) where it stays lighter, later.  I know it's gradually getting there.  But while dark at 5:30 instead of 5 is better, it still isn't that great.

4) My yoga studio to offer good after-work classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.

5) My body to get back to normal function (I'm still having residual problems from discontinuing The Pill last year).

6) A puppy!

7) More sunny days than dreary ones.

8) To re-do our kitchen.  (It's something we think about - but there are a host of things to consider before we think seriously about it [ie, if it's worth it financially; if we have enough $$ to do it; if we'd coordinate it ourselves or hire a contractor; if we'd want to go big & knock down a wall, or just replace cabinets/appliances/counters, etc.].  And I'm sure everyone has ideas about this - but really - we aren't at the stage where we need any advice or discussion; if it happens, it's probably at least a year away - and trust me, I'll be giddy with explaining it to the blog.  But in the meantime, I just like to dream about having a beautiful kitchen...)

9) My blog to look spiffier.  I'm hoping if I get a Mac I can work on sprucing this guy up.

10) More of you, friends reading this, to start blogs of your own!  All I can say is that it brings me such joy to get to "see" you guys everyday in the comments.  a) I know you would love the feeling, too; and b) it's a surprisingly nice way to communicate and a socially acceptable way to be narcissistic.  (And if your first impulse response is "I don't have anything to write about" - just check some of my weekend recaps.  I don't have that much going on either.)


LB said...

What's this business about a puppy?!

Tippy said...

i really need to start writing on my blog again. It was a fantastic way to use extra energy when I first moved here. I feel so crazy most days I just forget about it. :(