Friday, February 4, 2011

Fitness Friday

I guess I already talked about this a little bit yesterday.  But basically, this week I did nothing in terms of exercise but rest and yoga.  And it was good!  My knee feels 100% better (but is still maybe a few days away from running?).  Lesson learned: if it seems like I'm clocking too many miles, it's probably best to recognize that and stop friggin running for a day or two.

In more exciting news, though, Jonathan is back on the P90x train!  As you can see in his comment on yesterday's post, he's in quite a bit of pain.  (Actually - does anyone know what a night stick is?  I don't - but I certainly don't want to feel like I've been beaten with one.  [Unless the person beating me was one of my Ya Ya sisters, in which case, that might be alright.])  But anyway - he's doing that again, which I find both impressive and awesome (because come on - he looked good after doing it before our wedding!).  I'm hoping I can jump in and join him on a couple days of the week (particularly for weight-lifting videos, because I seriously lack that in my exercise routine).

Our eating was a little messed up this week as well because of the big birthday dinner on Sunday.  Basically, after doing so much cooking (and having so much food leftover), I didn't really want to cook for the week.  So we had mostly remnants of Sunday's dinner during the week, minus a day of fish & veggies (which I'd bought at the store that weekend, so I wasn't going to waste it by not cooking).

I've failed to mention in Fitness Fridays how committed I've stayed to not obsessing over and/or weighing myself everyday.  Additionally, I no longer log every. single. bite. into any kind of food log.  But I still try to eat healthy, real foods.  And, blah, blah, we can all see where this is going - I've actually lost a couple pounds here in the new year.  Don't you love hearing stuff like that?  Like, when the person has a personal epiphany about something (ie, not obsessing over my weight), and then the thing that was causing the original problem is actually doing what the person wants it to?  (How's that for a long, convoluted sentence??)

Anyway - I hope you guys had good fitness weeks too!  Happy weekend!


Sarah said...

Great to hear your non obsessive behaviors have led to the loss of a few lbs, if you can maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to be compulsive about it, I do think that will make you happiest. I have struggled lately, eating and drinking a lot on the weekends and then punishing myself for it during the week, it just hasnt' felt right. However, the "speed training" for my 4 miles in 32 minutes goal has been motivating me. This week I ran 4 in 35:20, so only a LONG 3 minutes and 20 seconds to go, haha. Going faster is a lot harder on my knees than my normal casual jogging so I am definitely taking days off in between. Good luck when you return to running!

LB said...

Because my fitness this week sucked due to the snow-a-thon, I'm only commenting to let you know that a nightstick is a military/police weapon that's basically a 2-foot, skinny-but-powerful club that will beat the shit out of someone. Why do I know this, you ask? Because we have one under our mattress. It used to be in the koozie drawer when we lived in Austin, so I consider the mattress a step up.