Friday, February 11, 2011

Fitness Friday: Apparel Edition

So is it just me, or is buying workout clothes a potentially addictive activity?  I mean, whoever does the store layout/design of Dick's Sporting Goods knows exactly how to appeal to an eye like mine, because when I walk in there, I am blown away by how much stuff I need want.  And everything is adorable.  I mean, even if you aren't into super girly-type workout clothes, everything is just awesome and bright and sweat wicking and cool.

I guess it doesn't hurt that the specific "sports" for which I'm buying apparel (running/walking, yoga, and tennis) probably make the cutest sport-specific clothes out of any other.  But seriously, I wish I had an unlimited budget when shopping for workout clothes because I'd love to do some damage at Dick's.  (Unfortunately - most of the stuff is sooooo overpriced that I either get it on sale or go somewhere like Marshalls and pick up some generic black yoga pants.)

But do you guys have any workout apparel that is an absolute must-have?  I'm always looking for the magic item of apparel that will do X or solve Y problem. 

Also - have any of you ever tried anything from Lululemon?  Lulu has the cutest stuff imaginable for working out (click around on its website if you aren't familiar) - but the prices are SO HIGH, I'm hesitant to buy something without knowing someone who has worn it.  (But does Oprah count?  She gave away some pants on her Favorite Things show this year??)

**Please note while I typed this Fitness Friday blog, an enormous handful of semisweet chocolate chips was consumed. That's not 100% representative of my whole week, but boy oh boy have I been having some food cravings (probably partially due to monthly hormones and partially due to lack of coffee).**

Happy weekend guys!


Tippy said...

LuluLemon is super popular in Canada. My Canadian friends adore it. And loads of the people at my pilates place wear it. It seems to be of a really good quality

katie said...

uuuh, i would like to say that the first picture that came up on the lululemon web site is a group of women in clothing that i would NEVER wear to yoga, much less any type of work out. they're in bras and hotpants!

the other stuff looks cute, though. but i can't help but wonder how yoga pants from here would be all that different from pants from walmart or target (i get that they'd probably last more washes, etc). but when i'm getting a good workout and sweating, stretch pants are stretch pants. maybe that's just me, though.

* side note - i can see where buying a nice sports bra or pair of shorts that fit well is worth it. but stretchy yoga pants? not worth the $$ for the name brand to me.

LB said...

Ironically, on Friday a bunch of girls in the locker room after yoga were talking about how awesome Lululemon is, and then Liz Cunningham attested to the same. She said it's tailored really well to female bodies, made well, sweat-wicking, comfortable, cute, and she wears it basically every time she works out. Good sell, right?! But at $70/pair of pants, I don't think I'm ready to convert yet.