Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Farewell, Old Friend

With two final cups on Sunday morning, I bid adieu to a dear, dear friend: coffee.  As of yesterday morning, I'm a green tea drinker.

There are so many good things to say about coffee.  I love its warmth.  I love its taste.  I love its smell.  I love the act of drinking coffee.  Whenever I pour a cup, I sit down and relax - even if it's only a couple of minutes; and it's the perfect departure from my otherwise busy mornings.  I love the caffeine jolt.  I love the restorative element of it; like, even if I'm having a bad/slow/groggy morning, coffee restores me.  I love the community of coffee drinkers - how everyone is in the same sort of "club" as we wait for the morning pot to brew, knowing that with the first cup, our mornings will be changed.

But alas, I bid thee farewell.

I'm hoping to get my body back to a normal, chemical-free schedule; and unfortunately, a strong stimulant doesn't necessarily fit into that plan.  A grande (16 oz) coffee from Starbucks (what we brew in my office) has 330 mgs of caffeine.  The green tea I bought has ~60 mgs for an equivalent amount.  Coffee, I've learned, has a constricting effect on your blood vessels.  Green tea opens vessels, has fewer volatile oils than coffee, and has an antioxidant benefit that coffee does not.  I'm definitely not saying that everyone should switch from coffee to green tea - I'm not that mean, nor would I wish green tea mornings on any coffee lover - but for me right now, this is the thing to do.

I'm sort of anxious to see if I have any physical signs of withdrawal.  I'm anticipating a headache.  But I wonder if there will be anything else.  Do any of you guys have experience with this?  I should make it clear that I was a pretty big coffee drinker - probably having 16 oz if not a little more everyday.  One thing I'm going to try hard to do is make the green tea time just as relaxing as the coffee time.  Nothing is to say that taking a break out of my morning to have a warm beverage needs to be exclusive to coffee.

So goodbye, friend.  I don't think this is farewell forever.  So I'll see you on the flip side...

(Also - stay tuned tomorrow, if you dare, for another heartbreaking goodbye to one of my favorite stimulants...)


LB said...

Did you quit snorting Adderall too?!

I quit coffee a few years ago for Lent and felt great, didn't really miss it all that much either. That being said, I think green tea is delicious, but I don't feel the caffeine the way I do with coffee at all. We've been drinking this delicious Lipton Super Fruit (acai & blueberry) green tea that's delish - you should try it!

Tippy said...

I gave up coffee a while back, but I had an additional justification. I buy my coffee from Starbucks each day because my office has disgusting coffee. :( So recently I decided spending 2.50 each morning just wasn't in the question with a wedding and buying a flat in the picture. However I do slip one here and there...and it is like reuniting with an old friend. I think I actually enjoy them more now because it is a special treat. :)

Sarah said...

A few years ago I had my most successful new years resolution ever and switched from coffee to green tea. My green tea of choice is Bigelow Green Tea with Pomegranate, love it and even though it's sweet it doesn't have any sugar. As for coffee, I can now enjoy it without craving it. I very rarely drink it during the week, maybe once every 2 months on a really bad morning, and I enjoy it with nice breakfasts on the weekend and seem to savor it more. Good luck!

Jackie said...

Whoa - I can't believe all of you guys don't drink coffee!

And thanks for the tea suggestions...I'll have to give them a try! I'm currently sipping The Republic of Tea's Goji Raspberry Green Tea. I also bought Alvita's Chinese Green Tea (which is apparently straight up tea with nothing added...so I'm sort of wondering about the taste there [I haven't tried it yet]).

Claire said...

Here I am! Your lone coffee-drinking friend. I tried drinking tea for a while and found it was leaving terrible stains on my teeth. And it's just sort of a weak drink, in many respects. I drink a large regular coffee from Starbucks every weekday morning. On weekends, I'll have a large mug-full which I brew myself (use my excellent new coffee grinder - a Christmas gift). It's not that I'm so different once I drink a cup (more awake, for example). But I find I just need it in the morning. I think about that first sip as I'm going up the elevator, but is that such a bad thing. ??