Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Farewell, Delicious Brewsky

That's right.  As of Monday, after a really fun Super Bowl party (which was also a personal farewell of sorts between me and quite a few beers), I'm booze-free.  No more brews.  No more wine.  No more late-night Frangelico.  No more "we have to drink this champagne that's been in the fridge for 6 months or it will go bad" nights.  And no more of any other kind of booze - but really, beer/wine/Frangelico are the only ones that apply to my life right now.

Same deal as caffeine, basically: alcohol doesn't need to play a part in my life right now, as I try to make my body chemical-free/functioning on it's own, natural schedule.  I definitely plan to drink again someday.  This is just a temporary hiatus for an undetermined amount of time.

And really, I don't drink that much.  I don't drink during the week (for caloric and/or general health reasons).  And on the weekends, if we aren't doing anything, I probably have one or two beers, but that's it.  Now, if we have plans (say, dinner with another couple or a party or something) I'll have more than that.  But generally speaking, we don't really "go out," and if we do, it's not like it used to be.

So I'm not worried about giving this up, per se.  But more, I'm just curious what my life will look like without alcohol.  Especially since most people know that I do drink.  What will a dinner with another couple look like if everyone is heavily imbibing and I'm not?  What will a party look like if I'm not drinking?  Will people ask me why I'm not drinking?  What will a Friday night look like without a relaxation beer?  What will, for example, the wine tasting/wedding shower I'm attending on Thursday be like without any tasting on my part?

This sounds silly, but for someone who doesn't drink, what do you do, for example, at a wine tasting?  Like, when someone asks you if you want a drink, do you say, "yes, I'd love a water?"  Is it an issue?  Like, are non-drinkers asked why they aren't drinking?  Do non-drinkers have a signature, go-to non-alcoholic drink?  What should mine be?  Should I "fake drink" (maybe a club soda with lime)?

I do think I maybe need to find some sort of substitute (but no caffeine, obv).  If we're going out to dinner with another couple and we start the night having a drink at the bar, I need to drink something other than water, I think.

So yeah - new adventure in life.  We'll see how it goes.  (Honestly, I might be a little sadder about giving up coffee - but I definitely have more questions about giving up alcohol.  It just seems like it's such a noticeable part of social interactions...  I'll keep you guys posted!)


Anonymous said...

You aren't planning to give up dairy before tomorrow night, are you? Or if you plan to give it up, may I suggest calling it quits on Friday, and we'll give you a happy cheese farewell Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and best of luck being booze free!

Amy said...

i'm calling it right now...people are going to assume you're preggers or trying to get so!

katie said...

totally agree with amy! no caffeine and no booze = pregnancy assumptions! though i wouldn't mind if that became true. :)
-aunt katie

LB said...

totally agree again.
-aunt lb

Claire said...

Ha, I was planning on promptly sending an email to Sarah on the side asking that very question. :)