Thursday, February 17, 2011

Epic Emissions Test Triumph

Long-time readers might remember the horrendous experience I had at the Vehicle Emissions Testing Center last year.  Or you might remember that when my car didn't pass the first time, I went back a couple days later (after performing ZERO service - not even opening the hood, actually), revved the engine a few times before going in, and passed with flying colors.  (Oh Memphis and your backwards, unnecessary emissions testing.)

Well, this year I wasn't going to let that happen again.  So I dutifully monitored the webcam outside the testing center to see how long the line was at different parts of the day.  Yesterday at 3 was go-time.  I raced out of my office to my car, sped over to the testing center, and...

It was glorious!

Only two cars in front of me.  Two!  I waited for two hours the first time last year, and an additional hour the second time.  But this year?  I was literally back sitting at my desk in 25 minutes.  EPIC.

Unfortunately, I think my luck might end there.  I realized a couple days ago that I never got the registration thing in the mail from Shelby County this year.  Upon further probing, I discovered the reason was that my old address was on the title.  Also on the title, of course, is my maiden name.  So that means that in addition to the plain old registration (which is always a little questionable given some of the employees of the vehicle division of the Clerk's office), I also have to do a change of address and a name change.  Just knowing the way Memphis government works, I don't think it will be easy-as-pie, breeze in & out.

At least the weather this year is great.  Weather matters because I have to walk down to the Clerk's office from my office - not a far walk - but awful when it's super cold.  I have no idea why I chose to register my car in February (one of the coldest, grossest months of the year), when I could've done maybe March or April (when I actually would've enjoyed getting out of the office for a nice walk).

But whatev.  Wish me luck!

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