Wednesday, February 23, 2011

About the Caffeine/Alcohol Detox

So it's now officially been two weeks since I gave up caffeine and alcohol.  I thought I'd check in and give you guys a two-week recap.


As predicted, this has been the easier of the two to give up.  I haven't wanted alcohol in a desire or craving sort of way.  It's more like the past two Fridays I thought to myself, "it would be nice to have a beer - but whatev."  I've been to a party (the wine tasting wedding shower I mentioned) and to my book club - both events where I would typically drink.  And they were fine.  Fortunately the "wine tasting" wasn't a formal thing, it was more like, "take what you want to drink, as we all stand around and chit chat."

And at book club, I didn't care that I wasn't drinking, it was more like I was dreading the question "are you pregnant."  Since I know the girls relatively well, I knew they would a) notice I wasn't drinking, and b) feel comfortable enough to ask why.  Oddly, no one did.  And I guess for the most part we don't drink a ton at book club - maybe just a glass or two of wine - so it wasn't absolutely bizarre or anything to see me without a glass in hand.


This hasn't been quite so easy.  I think when I initially wrote the blog post I was going to cut back.  Well, I decided Wednesday to give it up altogether.  So on Saturday of last weekend (3 days after I totally cut it [cold turkey, mind you]) I was having a tough time.  I had an awful headache.  And I had warm cheeks and a slight fever-y feeling (sort of that feeling you get when your face is wind-burned).  I did some google research and learned that 2-3 days after you quit is usually the worst of your symptoms.  Symptoms, it also said, that can last up to 12 days.

To be 100% honest, I was having headaches everyday (getting more mild as the days went on) until about last Thursday (8 days after I quit).  EIGHT DAYS!  That's insane!  I can't believe I let my body become so dependent on it.

But it's not something I'm craving anymore.  I mean, I still smell coffee and think it smells delicious.  And I still miss the delicious taste - but definitely not enough to cheat and have a little or anything like that.  The tea is NOT as delicious as coffee (even though I got a nice fruity green tea) - but that's ok.  I'll live, for sure.

One sort of weird thing about the whole experiment (which I'm going to blog about more tomorrow), is how I've developed a new sugar craving as a result of no caffeine/alcohol...  I don't know if it's my body sort of needing to crave something, and since caffeine and alcohol are off limits, sugar is the next vice?  But I wonder if it's something more biological than that, because I've been having physical cravings for sugar - not just "oh, this might be a nice replacement for an after-dinner drink."

Stay tuned for that tomorrow...

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LB said...

Some questions:
1) Have you considered doing decaf coffee, just to still enjoy the delicious flavor?
2) I'm surprised you experienced withdrawals! Although at 330mg a pop, I guess it's understandable. I had some Starbucks drip yesterday and I thought it tasted like old cigarettes. I don't know how you drank that every day.
3) Any idea what you're going to give up for Lent since you're already in deprivation mode?! Not that it has to be food-related but...