Monday, January 3, 2011

Take a Cup of Kindness Yet, For Auld Lang Syne

Everyone has different opinions about making "resolutions" in the new year.  I guess it is somewhat cliche - I'll give you that, skeptics.  But still, I like to do it.  Even though we should all be checking in with ourselves often and resolving to be better, I like that the new year marks a definite shift in time.

So - I'm making a new year's resolution.  It's just one, although it's sort of all-encompassing:

Be nice.

Just that - I'm going to be nicer.  To my family, my husband, my friends, myself, strangers on the street, people I just meet, people I work with, people I don't like - I'm going to be nice.

It's not that I'm currently mean, I don't think.  But I don't think I'm as nice as I could be.  Sometimes I have some stereotypical female cattiness.  Sometimes I pick fights about things I don't care about, just because I feel like arguing.  Sometimes most times, I'm not nice to the people at work I don't like.  Sometimes I negatively judge people I just meet.  Sometimes I judge myself in a harsh, destructive way.  Sometimes I deflect negative thoughts about myself onto others.

And so, generally, I'm going to try to be nicer.  I'll make an effort to smile more and argue less; to be nice to everyone at work; to nag at Jonathan less; to not be smug towards my mom; to talk less negatively about people; to stop beating myself up and dwelling on my failures.

And it will be a good year.  Not to be all Yanni-touchy-feely, but I think there's something true about negative or positive energy surrounding you - so I think making an effort to be nice will definitely feel different in terms of my surrounding energy.

That's my resolution.  Did you guys make any?

(Also - Merry belated Christmas!  I'll blog about Aruba [which was fab!] later this week.)


katie said...

great resolution! it's one of mine, too. another of mine is to not take things so personally.

Sarah said...

I love New Year's resolutions. I agree with your point that it's great to take a specific time of year to better yourself. I decided I want to create smaller more manageable goals for myself this year so for example one of mine is to floss on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I have historically hated flossing and if I just say I'll do it more, I fail. Haha. We'll see.

LB said...

Good one!

Claire said...

Ha, Sarah. Funny you mention flossing. I never flossed but just randomly picked it up one day. Now I do it almost every night. If only everything were that easy for me!

I support resolutions - I just never stick to them. I actually resolved to do the following earlier this year - summer maybe? I would like to try to stop biting my nails (the skin around my nails really, it's gross) and complaining. I want to really stick to that second one. I complain a lot. And sometimes I find myself doing it around supervisors at work, other colleagues, etc. Not cute. It's something I'm definitely more aware of, and I'm trying hard to stop. We'll see. Good luck with yours! I think it's a good one.