Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My MLK Day...Told Through Food

My MLK day was awesome!  Despite the nasty weather, I had a fabulous day away from the office.

Before my long (7.5!) mile run, I had breakfast & coffee.  I think of this guy as the Breakfast of Champions on a day when I want to run.

The bowl contains:
-1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
-1/2 of a banana (I ate the other half, but too much banana makes the mixture gummy)
-a handful of blueberries
-a handful of walnuts
-1/3 cup old fashioned rolled oats
-a big spoonful of honey

The run went well (despite some serious motivation issues on mile 2).  I watched the end of the Today Show and most of Rachel Ray.

After a shower, I went and picked up this cup of awesomeness for lunch that I then snuck into the movie theatre.
It's California Tart frozen yogurt from YoLo with a large-to-very-large amount of granola, salted pecans, and fruit (bananas/strawberries/blueberries).  Holy crap delicious!

I went to see Rabbit Hole (with Nicole Kidman - the one about the couple whose kid died).  It was a great film.  Jonathan generally doesn't like dramas that are/could be realistic, so I knew he wouldn't like this one, which made it the perfect solo movie for my day off.

Then I went to the semi-annual sale at Isabella.
I got these $180 jeans that I've been wanting....for $80!  In this pic, I'm eating the first part of my afternoon snack (some grapes), which was followed by:
this bowl of goodness.  I nibbled on this while I watched Oprah's MLK special.  (Did anyone else see the show?  There were some really poorly represented Southerners from video clips she's gathered over the years [although most of them apologized in the present for the way they acted on the shows from the past, which was redeeming].)

In the bowl:
-1/2 cup black beans (with spices) warmed & then mashed with sour cream into a paste
-taco sauce
-more sour cream
All scooped up with some pieces of corn tortillas.  Yum.

After Jonathan got home from work, we had our lovely dinner (utilizing the highly esteemed kale from a couple blog posts ago).
I served:
-wilted kale (with meyor lemon zest & a little olive oil/m. lemon combo drizzled on top)
-baked salmon (baked chicken for Jonathan)
-baked acorn squash with spicy apples

Then I had dessert.
My new favorite sweet treat: all-fruit coconut bars!  Which was followed by some of these:
Before we went to the Girl Talk concert!

Fun, fun day!  I hope you guys enjoyed it as well if you got the day off!  (If you didn't - that's quite unfortunate.)


Sarah said...

Yum, looks like a good day. I'm definitely going to re create those mashed black beans with sour cream. Also curious about the baked acorn squash, I've never made that but want to, do you have a good recipe?

LB said...

1) The next time you find yourself near a Trader Joe's, get their black bean dip. It is phenomenal...basically what you made (mashed black beans) with jalapenos, vinegar, and other deliciousness.
2) How was GT??? Did you find yourself raising the median age?

b|rad said...

SO JEALOUS you went to Girl Talk. I want deets. A blog post perhaps!?

Claire said...

Ha, I'm super impressed, Jackie, that you manage to get so much out of a day off. On my MLK day off, I woke up around 10? Had my morning cup of coffee. Then watched old (new to me) episodes of Parks and Recreation on demand. Did about 1.5 to 2 hours of work (in front of the television, duh) then watched Intervention. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

How was the kale, btw?! Glad you made it!