Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Just Hair...

I love my hair dresser dearly.  She's young and cool and talkative - but most importantly, she gives me great cuts.  I mean, arguably the best hair cuts I've ever had.

So when I went on Tuesday and came home with a cut I'm not 100% ecstatic about, I'm not really blaming her.  You guys have all seen my hair.  It's short and generally has the same sort of cut (slightly longer in front, slightly stacked in the back, with a side swept bang).  Before she cut this time, we were talking about what I wanted her to do.  I was asking what her thoughts were on growing it out - that is, what kind of cut she could see me in if I had, say, slightly-longer-than-shoulder length hair.  I've been thinking of growing it a little longer so that I could do a nice ponytail.  The risk, though, is that my thin hair doesn't necessarily look its best when it's longer.  So I was asking her opinion, since she gives me "the best hair cuts I've ever had" (as stated earlier), and she's never cut it when it was longer.

Anyway, we went back and forth and I decided not to grow it for now.  So I think I said something along the lines of, "well, just forget the idea for now - we'll keep it short until I definitely decide I want to grow it out."  I guess that's slightly ambiguous.  I should have said "just trim it for now while I decide if I want to grow it out."

So my hair isn't the shortest it's ever been.  It's just short.  She did more of a cut than a trim.  Like, maybe before, the front pieces were hitting in between my shoulders and my chin - well, now they're hitting right below my chin.

And it's fine.  Whatev - it's just hair.  But man - if I was thinking about growing it out any time soon, those plans have been put on the back burner.  Have you guys ever had someone cut your hair too short - and then felt the weird emotion of: 1) my hair is too short and I hate it and AAAAH; coupled with, 2) don't be dumb, it's just hair, stop being such a girl?

(I might or might not have had a little freakout moment yesterday morning.  I was running late, trying to get myself ready for work, the hair was not sitting right - I was just frustrated.  With tears in my eyes, I lamented to Jonathan that "I look like a boy now!"  I'll let you guess his response:

a) "you don't look like a boy"
b) "I love your hair - it looks great"
c) "it looks good; and even if you don't like it, it will grow out"
d) "well, now I guess you'll have to start wearing clothes that show your boobs more"



Jackie said...

To follow up (and redeam Jonathan's reputation) he said last night that he really does like the cut because he thinks it's "sassy."

It was not sassy this morning, however, when I woke up & the super short pieces in the back were so unruly that I had to WET IT AGAIN and re-blowdry to get them to lay flat. I most certainly do NOT have time to do that every morning.

LB said...

Haha. You should definitely show your boobs more.

This post made me think of a similar story that I should post in like 5 weeks when I have time :)

Claire said...

Haha. Just wait a few days for the cut to "settle in" and I bet you'll like it (I had a similar problem with my bangs the last time I got them trimmed - cut, is more like it). And, absolutely, it will grow back. Don't sweat it. I'm sure your hair looks great. Speaking of short hair, Scarlett Johansson recently cut her hair short and it looks fabulous (Google image search it!). Almost makes me want to cut off my own - maybe this summer?

Sarah said...

Yes I've definitely had that moment, and my hair has hardly ever been shorter than shoulder length. Ouch. Just remember, it's always the worst for you, other people don't notice, and at least it's not a lopsided Spain cut.