Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Heard the News Today, Oh Boy...

Did I get that song in everyone's head?  It's certainly stuck in mine now.

Anyway.  A couple newsworthy things have sparked my interest of late.

1) Did you guys know that the Superbowl is the biggest event of the year for human trafficking in the US?  It's predicted that because of the huge demand, woman & children will be brought into Dallas for the event.

I think everyone thinks of sex trafficking (that is, prostitution) as something that only happens in "less developed" countries than ours; we especially think this way in regards to the trafficking of children.  But sadly, it's happening here a lot.  It's predicted that in 2 years, sex trafficking will surpass drugs as the fastest growing illegal trade in the US.  Here's a government fact sheet if you're interested in reading more. 

I was completely shocked to hear that about the SuperBowl.  Apparently there's a campaign right now called "I'm Not Buying It," which is working to promote awareness about the issue.  Unfortunately, the SuperBowl host committee won't participate at this time.

2) On a different note, did you guys watch the Golden Globes with Ricky Gervais hosting?  What did you think of his "off-color" humor?

I don't feel super passionately about this - but I do think, generally, his "jokes" throughout the night were unnecessary.  Especially considering that the nation has been swamped with media coverage about bullying in schools (which is great; more coverage = more awareness).  So essentially, Ricky was just a big, adult bully on the show, hiding behind the illusion of comedy; and that feels a little bit retrogressive to me...  Thoughts?  I know he's British and there's a slightly different tone to British humor - but this is an American awards show.  I think everyone needs to be nice.

3) Are you guys watching the coverage of what's going on in Tunisia?  Some of the stuff happening there is really, really awful (ie, it was initiated by a man who set himself on fire as an anti-government protest).  And even though Tunisia is small and far away, what's happening now with their revolt could affect our country's relations towards the Arab world.  It's worth reading up about if you haven't.  There's a great article in Time.

4) And on a final entertainment note: we saw The King's Speech this past weekend and it was awesome!  Colin Firth absolutely deserved the Golden Globe for hotness Best Actor - and everyone should go see it.  It was 100x more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

This is sort of a random post, I realize.


LB said...

The only part of the GG I saw was Robert DeNiro's acceptance speech, which was bad bad bad - did you hear his waiter comment? Ugh. What an ass.

Claire said...

I wasn't aware of that fun fact about the Super Bowl. But I guess I'm not surprised.

I didn't mind Ricky Gerv at the GGs. Awards shows are such love fests, I think celebrities need someone like him to keep them in check (though, yes, his act is getting a little tired). My interest wanes with each passing year.