Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

We had a really wonderful New Year's Eve celebration this year!

(One not so wonderful aspect was that my office wasn't closed at all in honor of the holiday.  A lovely part of working for a stock market-centered company is that we have about 10 "stock market holidays" throughout the year.  I think because the year ended on a Friday, there's some pre-determined stipulation about closing the market, and alas, it was open.  But whatev - I only worked until about noon, anyway.)

So on NYE, we started the night at a friend's house on Mud Island.  (Side AWESOME note: one of the other couples we were with live two blocks from us and they drove the whole night.  This wasn't necessarily the plan, but she felt comfortable driving at the end of the night, so, lucky us, we got to avoid the mess of calling a cab.)  Anyway, the friend who's house we started the night at is really into wine, so we had some delicious wine from his collection before we headed out.  Then we went to McEwan's, which is a nice restaurant downtown, for our dinner.

They had a set menu with a couple choices for each course.  My first course was a warm vegetable plate, followed by an arugula salad.  And then my entree was sea bass with some vegetables and gnocchi.  The dessert was a plate of three things: a flourless chocolate cake, a spice cake, and white chocolate/candycane bark.  I loved the candycane one - mmm.  Overall it was a really good dinner, with really good company.

So we'd been to McEwan's two years ago for the same sort of NYE celebration.  When we went that time, we had our long dinner, and then stayed through midnight (and everyone in the restaurant counted down together and they passed out champagne).  Well this year, the restaurant wasn't very crowded (most likely due to the monsoon rains and tornado warnings [not to mention the gushing river of rain water that ran right outside the restaurant's door] that didn't really affect our plans, but could've easily deterred people with less desire to eat & drink than us).  So as midnight approached, the restaurant people were sort of closing things down.  We decided to race back to Mud Island for midnight instead of out-staying our welcome.

We got back with about 10 minutes to spare.  We turned on the tv and saw that all three major networks were showing NYE shows.  Dick Clark seemed like the best option.  We turned it on and waited for the countdown.


It never happened.

But by the time we realized that we wouldn't see a countdown on Dick Clark's show, it was too late to try another channel.  The ten seconds had passed.  We missed them.  No counting, no kisses at midnight, no champagne.

It was weird.  Not like, weird-bad; it actually had no general effect on my impression of the night.  But more like, wtf Memphis programming?  You need a time delay!

It was still a great night, though.  And the best part?  When we got back home, I had maybe a strong buzz at most - so I was able to sleep a glorious night and not wake up hungover.  (Even though the fact that we only took off our bathrobes for an hour to pick up Indian takeout & beer for dinner on Saturday might have suggested otherwise - don't be confused; we were just really, really lazy, not hungover.)

Did anyone else have a time-delay issue with ole Dickie boy?

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Sarah said...

Interesting. We were just fine, the part I didn't like was that Dick Clark passed the torch to.... Ryan Seacrest. Do you think people thought Dick Clark was an arrogant, spiky haired, d-bag when he started doing the countdown? I had a very similar New Years Day to you... that was nice.