Friday, January 28, 2011

Fitness Friday

Can I say, before we get into fitness talk, how happy I am that it's finally Friday?  I knew this week would feel long (since the past two weeks were 4 days for me) - but it has absolutely draaaagged.  I'm totally prepared to be the annoying girl at work today who uses "it's finally Friday!" in every conversation I have.

It's finally Friday!

So anyway - in terms of fitness, I'm feeling a little frustrated.  If you recall, I mentioned Monday that at the end of my 8-mile run last Friday, I was starting to have a little knee pain.  Well, in retrospect, running 5 miles the next day was probably not my wisest choice.  When I attempted to run on Wednesday (the first run since Saturday), after one 9-minute mile, my knee was bothering me.  It's that straight up over-use pain you get under the kneecap on the front side of the knee.  I've overused it - it needs to rest.

But man - this is such a bummer!  I was really excited about how well everything was going.

But I'll deal with it - that's the only thing I can do.  I'm going to rest it for a little bit, ice everyday, and hope it clears up quickly.  So in the meantime - I'm wondering what to do for exercise this coming week?  I could definitely get hardcore about yoga and go to a lot of classes.  OR, I could go to the gym to use another cardio machine.  (But I really dislike the elliptical - and the stationary bike is so BORING...)  I could potentially swim laps under the bubble of the Rhodes pool but I'm worried about how cold the water will be.  Or I could do some workout videos that aren't high impact on the knees.

What are your favorite low-knee-impact exercises?

Also - on a food note - I bought some new bread at the store last weekend.  It's from the Food For Life company that makes all those Biblical-named products.  I got the Genesis 1:29 - and it's awesome!  I don't normally eat bread or pasta (because it doesn't make my stomach feel great, and/or, it sometimes makes me want to binge eat - like, ignites strong food cravings).  But I've been eating one slice of this bread every other day or so, and it hasn't really negatively affected anything.  I'm a fan, I think.

It's finally Friday!

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Sarah said...

I feel you on the Friday excitement, I've had a tough week and am ready for the weekend. Yoga is probably my favorite low impact exercise by far. I was actually wondering how your body was going to handle all that distance, your schedule seemed like more miles, more often than my half marathon schedule included. Good luck with the healing process. I've been struggling with fitness motivation all week, probably my worst week in 2011 so far, excited to put it behind me and start fresh next week.