Friday, January 21, 2011

Fitness Friday

I talk a lot about my running on the blog, but I don't talk all that much about yoga.  Specifically, I don't really mention any athletic goals pertaining to yoga.  I actually have some, though, that are just as important to me as the running-centered ones.

1) By the end of the year, I want to be able to do down dog with my feet flat on the floor.  Because my hamstrings are so tight, I currently have to stand on the balls of my feet when in the pose.  I try to stretch at least once a day in a down dog-type pose to gain more flexibility.  I know with a lot of patience & practice, I can achieve this.

2) Similarly, I want to be able to do a forward fold without using a block for my hands.  So in yoga, if you aren't flexible enough to do a pose, you use a block and "build" the ground up to you so your hands can be grounded.  The forward fold essentially stretches the same muscles as down dog, so I think in achieving goal one, I will also (hopefully!) achieve this one.

3) Not be so intimidated by headstands.  Currently, if there's a class where I think they'll do headstands, I don't go.  It's because I'm totally chicken and/or think I'll look like an idiot if I a) try and fail, or b) don't try and thus am a tool.  (This is a sort of weird reaction, because as anyone who's ever stepped foot in a yoga studio knows, the atmosphere is the total opposite of judging - but still.)  I know the only way to feel more comfortable about them is to practice at home - but I'm even a little chicken about that.  So this one requires a bit of work...

I love yoga, though.  I love the atmosphere & vibe of the studio.  I love the cool, hippy-ish, calm teachers.  I love the help/support you get from the teacher, and the general feeling of support/niceness that comes from everyone in the class.  I love the chill, groovy music they play.  And the awesome moment of rest (savasana) at the end.

I think a really good schedule for me right now, considering the longer runs I've been doing, would be: 3 days running, 2 days yoga, 1 day other cardio or weights, and 1 day rest.  I'm totally committed to my Thursday night yoga class, so that makes it easy enough to just choose one other class/week to attend.

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Sarah said...

I love yoga too. For someone who has never been very good at sitting still and maybe not that self disciplined I think it has been a great addition to my fitness routine in the last 3ish years. I have a similar anxiety with headstands. One thing you might want to try the next time you are in a class where they are doing them, is have the teacher help you get up next to a wall. Once someone helped me with that I wasn't as nervous to try the next time. I went back to Bikram (hot) yoga this week and I have been feeling great, there is something I really like about the repetitive nature of the class. Good luck on the yoga goals!