Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day Off - Woo Hoo!

My snow day was glorious!  (Yes - this post is a little late describing it.  But the National Championship football game went later than I expected, and then I was busy at work yesterday, so this is the first time I've had a second to sit down and write.)

So I slept in until about 8, which was awesome.  I watched morning shows on tv; talked to my mom on the phone; baked cookies; read my book; did some laundry; ran 7 miles on the treadmill; cooked a delicious soup for dinner; then watched the football game.  Such a nice, unexpected day away from the office.

Here's a little dilemma we encountered on the day off.  So, I was getting the ingredients out to bake the cookies, and I realized I didn't have enough vanilla extract.  I'd usually use 2 teaspoons, but I only had 1 in the bottle.  What would you do in this situation?  (And I mean in terms of substitution - I wasn't about to leave the house to get a new bottle.)  I wanted to do one teaspoon vanilla, one teaspoon whiskey, but Jonathan was disgusted by the idea.  So instead I used the one teaspoon vanilla, then added one teaspoon water with a little bit of Splenda french vanilla coffee creamer, which was of unknown date of purchase, and found on the back shelf of the pantry.  I don't know if I'm just searching for the flavor because I know it's not there, but when I taste the cookies, I think they slightly lack the body that vanilla extract gives them.  Have you guys ever made a substitution for it?

Anyway...great day off! 

(And if anyone's curious, the rain/snow boots I ordered last week on Thursday haven't arrived yet.  Really helpful.)


Anonymous said...

I've successfully used Amaretto in cookies. Almond extract will also work. Neither quite have the vanilla-y undertones that you were probably looking for, but they're still pretty decent.

LB said...

Wait what rain/snow boots?! I want to see! Do you have some Target rain boots or is that just Katie and/or just me?

katie said...

i just got some target rain boots around thanksgiving! LOVE them! also, i would have done the whiskey. any other extract would have worked, but i do agree that the vanilla has a specific taste that you were missing.