Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekends Rule

We had a nice little weekend.  It was super low key, as Jonathan's battling a nasty case of shingles and is in quite a bit of pain, but it was good and relaxing, none the less.

Friday night we stayed in and I made a delicious vegetable curry.  I watched my fave, What Not To Wear, and we got some of TCBY's seasonal flavors (egg nog and peppermint - holy crap, awesome).  Saturday morning, we set up chairs on the marathon route where it passed through our neighborhood (mile 16) to cheer on the runners.  We watched Patti fly by (seriously - she was making awesome time), and then our friend Jerry a little bit behind her.  It's always inspiring to see people accomplish such a huge physical feat.

Saturday night we went to a party hosted by one of Jonathan's partners at work.  I'm still somewhat confused about the logistics, but I guess the hosts are part of a wine club that somehow graduates to different levels of their "wine-lyness" (a new word!).  Their club had just qualified for a new level, I guess, and were thus allowed to have these two winemakers from California come to showcase their wines.  Logistics aside, the wine was awesome and the food was great - and the house where the party was held was huge & really nice.  It was a fun night.

Sunday afternoon I had a Junior League holiday party at the President's house.  It's so weird, because I often find that events I'm not excited about attending end up being a great time.  That was the case yesterday.  I was nervous because I didn't know if anyone from my small group would be there - and it turned out no one was, actually - but it was good to see some new faces and talk with new people.  So a nice afternoon, in the end - and a good cap to a relaxing weekend.

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LB said...

Tell J I hope he feels better! And push for that valtrax prescrip :)