Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Gleek Here

When I was in high school, I was in two choirs.  One: the normal, everyone-can-join, mixed concert choir.  And the other, for lack of a better term, "show choir."

I feel that two things should be stated before I move on.  One: choir at our school wasn't really uncool.  There were people in it from all walks of high school life - athletes, Homecoming/Prom court members, band people, cheerleaders, emo kids - a little bit of everything.  And two: in our "show choir," which I was in 10-12 grade, the first half of the year we spent preparing for our annual Madrigal Dinner.  This was a dinner & play where we were the "royal court" and the other choir kids were the servers.  Everyone dressed up (oh my gosh my madrigal dress was awesome!), and after dinner was served, we put on a play.  Following the play, all choirs sang in a concert.  I say all this because the first half of every year in show choir was dedicated to the Madrigal Dinner.  It wasn't until second semester that we did "showy" songs (and in fact, my 11-12 grade, we didn't do any dancing, we just sang jazz songs).  I don't know if that helps to make it sound less lame - but it should.

Anyway, I give you that intense preface because, given my history, I should like the show.  But, I'll go ahead and speak the truth:

I don't like Glee.

I do like the songs in Glee.  If the whole show was just the characters singing & dancing, I'd be in love.  But it's not, so...I'm not.

Instead, I hate the characters.  There are only a couple that I even find tolerable to watch, let alone be interested their success.  (Except maybe Santana, but only because she's mean to all the annoying characters.)  I can't watch the main girl sing because she has those huge lips and makes those stupid faces.  But aside from that, her character is awful.  I seriously want anyone who saw last week's episode to try to argue that she's not awful - because I think it might be impossible.  When she was dumped and sad, I found myself finally enjoying the episode.

The gay kid also especially drives me crazy (Kirk?  Kurt?).  In fact, I asked Jonathan the other night how happy he'd be if they killed him off and the new gay kid (Blaine, I think?) took his place as the token homosexual on the show.

I didn't mind the new blonde kid...until he gave that ring a couple weeks ago.  Then his ranking with me quickly plummeted.

I guess I just shouldn't watch.  But Jonathan does, so it's on our tv at some point during the week.  And awful characters or not - the kids can sing!  They're awesome - and I love the songs & dances (Brittany S. Pearce is a friggin amazing dancer).  I also like all the celebrity cameos.  But other than that, I really genuinely can't stand to watch the annoying characters interact with each other in annoying ways.

Do you guys watch?  And if so, are you not affected by how unlikeable most a lot of the characters are?


AmyBethJames said...

I love that you wrote this! And your madrigal dress WAS awesome. To that I can attest.

I agree, at first I found it odd that the choir kids were the outcasts. It was definitely one of the most acceptable school activities at LHS. Of course, I have a friend who says that at her high school it was the marching band that was cool and choir that was lame. So I guess that does exist.

But you are right, the characters are indeed obnoxious. It seems like mostly I just don't care about them. I like the singing and dancing and anything that comes out of Brittany's mouth. I think the Sue Sylvester character is deliciously mean. But overall, I find it's a take-it-or leave it show for me.

Also - and not that I ever expect musicals to be realistic - but sometimes it drives me CRAZY when they "learn" a song in 30 seconds. When I think of all those practices back in the day... :)

Ah, choir reminiscing! I find that I miss it, sometimes!

Claire said...

Ha. That's what you think! ..Kidding. ..Sort of. :)

Glee is alright. I watch it if I'm home. I wouldn't say Kirk/Kurt is a "token" gay character - I believe he's just gay. Despite the ridiculous story lines and melodrama, I appreciate that the show celebrates diversity. They've embraced their campiness, and I like it. I'll always feel that the environment at LHS was generally quite hostile for students who were a little different.

LB said...

I hate it too, Jackie. I only DVR it so I can fast forward through the dialogue and get to the songs.

Speaking of TV shows, how's the Event going? Did it get any better? I couldn't stand those characters.