Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Thoughts

There are a few holiday-related thoughts swimming through my mind of late - so I thought I'd share them with you guys...

1) Peppermint-Flavored Stuff. 
I can't get enough of it!  It's never been high on my list of favorite holiday tastes, but for whatever reason now, I'm addicted!  I want to eat/drink peppermint-flavored everything.

2) Greeting Cards
I had no intention to make a holiday card this year.  Since we don't have kids, it wasn't even on my radar to send out a picture of the two of us (especially since we missed the chance last year to send one from our wedding).  But when the cards started flooding in this year, I had a little remorse.  Especially because there have been a handful of CWKs (couples without kids) who have sent lovely little cards of just them.  So now I'm kind of teetering on whether to send one.  I don't think it's too late if I act fast - and/or, I have the option of sending a New Years card like my mom does every year.  But should I?  We already have all addresses from the wedding, so that wouldn't really require any work.  But I just don't know!

3) New Coat
I got a new coat last weekend!  I asked my mom for a JCrew giftcard for Christmas specifically for this purpose.  And since JCrew was doing 25% off all orders over $150, I went for it!  I got it in black because I don't have a black coat.  (And an added bonus: I think the woman rang the order up incorrectly.  I'm still sort of confused about it. But I know it cost less than I thought it would, and thus only had to pay $15 out of pocket.  Thanks mom & JCrew checkout lady, you've made my holiday merry and bright!)

4) Stockings
We didn't hang stockings by the chimney with care this year.  I know I have a stocking somewhere, but it wasn't in the plastic bins with all the other Christmas decs, so I have no clue where it could be.  One thing I've been sort of pondering, though, is making some needlepoint stockings for our family.  This is such a grandmother activity, but I actually really enjoy needlepoint.  I have two reservations, though: 1) I haven't done a project since high school - no clue if I still remember how to do it (and also, no clue if I still know what kind of needle/thread to buy); and 2) in HS, I didn't have the troubles I now have with my carpal tunnel, so I don't know if working on a cross stitch would potentially bother my wrist.

5) Love Actually
We watched Love Actually on Sunday night.  It's one of my top-five favorite Christmas movies - maybe even movies in general.  On the surface, it's a lighthearted romantic movie.  But seriously, if you really analyze the characters & their relationships (and then contrast all the different relationships in the movie against each other), there's so much substance to the whole thing.  Big fan.

6) Christmas Cookies
I haven't had any Christmas cookies this year.  Not one.  This is an accomplishment.  But it's also sort of sad.

7) Almost....
Beach time!  Cannot wait!!


Jonathan said...

1) I can't wait for to snuggle by the fire and watch my favorite Christmas movie - Die Hard (and maybe Die Hard 2)!
2) I guess I could probably tell you this in person instead of outing my dad as a needlepointer... but he did some amazing things in the past and is about to have LOTS of free time. I'm sure he'd like to bond like you did with mom over the chutney making.

LB said...

1) I think you should definitely send out a holiday card! They are oh-so-cute, and you still have time!!!
2) Per J's comment, maybe you could borrow some of Charlie's materials and see how the carpel tunnel goes (so if it's bad, you won't have invested in a bunch of crap that you can't use).
3) Love the new coat!

Tippy said...

First off, I am so happy I saw you today. And to follow up on fitness Friday - I think you look super skinny!!

I cross stitch alot, so it's not grandma. I like how repetitive and therapeutic it is after a long day at work. I too want to make some stockings. they do have super cute kits that come with a design, the thread, the stocking and even some blinged out sequins to jazz them up (if you want to do one of those). And maybe if you hate it/your carpal tunnel acts up J's dad would finish it for you. :)

I love Love Actually soooo much. I am going to act out the Heathrow scene on Christmas day because I've already told Graham how much that would mean to me. I'm not sure he's as excited as I am. Then I'm going to make my British Christmas meal and watch it over and over. Can't wait!!