Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Giving

Now that it's December, we can officially talk about Christmas and no one's even judging and/or rolling their eyes anymore ("I mean, seriously, Christmas?  Already?").  SO!  Let's talk about gift giving.

Not to brag, but I have to admit that I feel close to 0% stress about holiday giving this year.  I've planned, thought, bought some, and I'll absolutely be ready to go at holiday time.  This happened for a few reasons:

1) My mom (notoriously the hardest person to shop for in the World) wants a camera.  Done.  No more thinking about it.
2) Jonathan and I are going to buy a book for eachother, that's it.  (But it's much less boring than it sounds: he's getting a new computer and some new work clothes [stuff he needs], and I'm getting stuff I want from the rest of my family, and will hopefully also get a new computer soon.  Also we'll be at the beach, which never really has the pressure of giving/receiving a ton of presents.)
3) My dad/stepmom have implemented a new rule that if we buy stuff for my half brother & sister, we shouldn't get them stuff.  This is key because the kids are relatively easy to shop for, whereas my dad is not.
4) I've been keeping a little running list of stuff that I want.  It sounds silly that it would stress me out to ask for presents, but it does.  Like, when I don't put thought into what I want, I end up telling people silly little things they could get me ("well, pajamas would be nice"), but then I feel tons of regret because I think there are certainly things I want (and that I wouldn't buy for myself), but then I've lost my chance to get them.

On my list this year are the following:
1) A new winter coat (there are a couple at JCrew that I like).
2) Black pumps for work.
3) A cute apron from Anthropologie.
4) Ugg boots - Jonathan says I'm too old to wear these what does he know?

So instead of being crippled with stress and/or lack of funds, I feel awesome about this year!  I can't wait to give presents and I can't wait to receive them.  And we're going to be at the beach!

Are you guys feeling on top of your holiday shopping/receiving or are you approaching major stress?  (I think I might experience abnormal holiday stress, so maybe you guys don't have any and you haven't even bought anything suck.)

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LB said...

I'm sure you love giving gifts, so what about the whole endeavor makes it stressful? Just making sure you get the right gift by the right time sort of thing? It's different over here because there are so few people to give to...I wish there were more...I love guilt-free shopping!!!