Friday, December 10, 2010

Fitness Friday

My eating this week was awesome.  I stayed within my calorie budget every day except Saturday (when we went to that wine party).  That's how I'd like to function moving forward: 6 days within the budget, one day doing whatever.  Fun side note - did you guys know that the contestants of The Biggest Loser get one day per week to eat whatever they want?  Like, I think they can even have cheeseburgers/fries/whatever their heart desires on this day.  I read this in one of those "behind the scenes" interviews.  Apparently they do it to "trick" their system (but also probably so they stay sane).

I have to say, on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, I had a really hard time with my eating.  I don't know why - but I was having mad cravings for sugar (which isn't what I normally crave).  I had a very hard time not acting on those cravings.  But I didn't - so I feel good about that.

I worked out everyday this week but Saturday, which is great.  I was also inspired when Sarah and LB posted in the comments last week that they're going to/have been doing P90x workouts.  I think this week on Saturday, I might do a weights video, just to switch things up. 

Looking forward this week, on Monday night I have bible study and Wednesday night I have one of my book clubs.  I know I won't be able to workout before bible study (but I think I can before book club) - so I'm hoping for my day of rest to be Monday.  This is only significant because I have to workout on Saturday, which is traditionally a day of rest for me.

The Stats
Down one pound this week.  Pants are noticeably looser.  One pair that I planned to wear to church on Sunday, was so big they were falling off.  Granted, these pants have always been on the big side, but now they're laughable...and again, take what you can get.

Also, on a fun side note, Jonathan has lost 5 pounds!  Probably somewhat due to having shingles, and thus a smaller appetite.  But seriously, I think it's also because I've been cooking super healthy, we've only been eating out one night/weekend, not eating lunch out on the weekends, and not drinking a ton.  Go husband!

And Finally, Where I Try To Stay Positive...
I don't want to be negative, I really don't.  Losing one pound this week was awesome...

BUT.  Eating 1250 calories/day is hard.  It sucks, actually.  It's not that I'm hungry, because I'm not.  But with such a small calorie budget, I'm not really having any treats.  Ever.

And also, I'm just sort of confused.  Eating 1250 calories/day should put me at a calorie deficit such that I lose two pounds/week.  That's how weight loss works: you create a calorie deficit, and you lose weight.  I'm not choosing to eat 1500 instead (which would set me up to lose about 1.5 lbs/week), I'm eating 1250 measly calories.  So...WHY?

I've explored the option that maybe I'm not logging my food/exercise correctly - but I really think I am!  I measure all foods before consumption.  I count all the little things - the 2% milk in my coffee every morning, the mustard in my tuna, the spritz of olive oil in which I cook my eggs.  I give myself 100 calories for every mile clocked on the treadmill (even though in actuality, I'm probably burning more than that).  I think I'm doing it right.

So I know.  Patience.  Patience & steadfastness are key.  (But I'm feeling slightly disheartened.)

Anyway - what about you guys - how did you do this week? 

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

I highly recommend sipping on tea all day, every day at work. It allows you to have a treat and keeps you from getting hungry when looking at food blogs and recipes. (Which is what I found to be the most difficult when counting calories. I was great with what I brought until I started thinking about what other people were eating.) You can also get a berry tea to help with the sugar/sweet cravings.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to pour myself a cup of tea.

Sarah said...

I'm motivated by your diligence. I've never been very disciplined with calorie counting which allows you to trick yourself sometimes. Overall, not a great week, my eating has been limited compared to normal and I have successfully restricted night eating. However, I skipped workouts on Monday and Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately, I usually gain weight during the last two weeks of my semester due to stress and skipping workouts. My plan is to get active this weekend and move forward. I've been frustrated with the scale too, hang in there. The weight I was down seems to have krept back on. I feel like just looking at food makes me gain weight. My biggest struggle is my desire to work out in the morning and my difficulty in getting up. I feel wonderful all day when I do morning workouts and have lots of night time conflicts that inhibit my workout schedule. Keep going!

LB said...

Do you think you're possibly not eating enough calories? I know that's counterintuitive but I've heard it can be a problem...although it doesn't make sense to me.

As for me this week...I'm just trying to focus on exercising more, considering it's so cold and you basically don't want to leave the house. I did so a p90X video and realized how much I missed Tony :) I also had a great workout at a new gym, which I think I'm going to join. And tomorrow/Sunday we're going skiing! The ultimate workout :) And a great benefit to living in a freezer.

Tippy said...

I agree with LB. You may not be eating enough calories which forces your body into "saving" mode i.e. the body doesn't expend the same amount of energy (lower metabolism) in case there is a famine. ha. Evolution at its finest.

Also are you stressed? Even slightly? When stressed you release cortisol which can slow your metabolism and make losing weight harder. So try not to add any stress about weight loss to your life. That will just keep you frustrated and keep your metabolism lower.

Maybe go get a massage or something. :)

Tippy said...

oh and about my activity/eating this week...

I went to Beautcamp pilates on Monday. It is 1 hour of pure hell. But I love it. I go at 8AM and get to work for 10. It makes me sore the entire day, but I think that means it is working.

For food, this week was rough. I got a stomach virus/food poisoning/death on Monday night, and that made me unable to eat real food until Thursday. So I definitely lost weight this week, but it will come back on (if it's not already back). And yesterday I spent on a plane so I ate really crap airplane food.

Now the key for next week is to not eat too much food because i have to be in a wedding on Saturday (and fit in my intense b-maid dress).