Friday, December 3, 2010

Fitness Friday

You might have noticed I didn't post a "Fitness Friday" the day after Thanksgiving...  Not intentional as much as straight up lazy/too busy.  So to sum up the week of Thanksgiving: I ate/drank a lot, but also exercised a lot.  At Thanksgiving dinner, I loaded my plate with an enormous carb bomb (as is the case with vegetarians on the big day - stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberries, etc.) but didn't take any seconds.  And I had one two small pieces of different pies (pecan & pumpkin ice cream pie).  Could have been better, certainly, but also could've been much worse.

Moving into this week, I was feeling pretty bloated/gross.  So starting Sunday, I decided to no carb for a week or two so I could bring down some bloat.  (No carbing for me is: lots of fish, lots of vegetables, nut/nut butters in moderation, a lot of beans, eggs, a small-moderate amount of lowfat dairy, and no sugar.)  It's been a really good week.

I think, generally speaking, I probably shouldn't eat a lot of grain-type carbs to begin with.  They're calorically dense and for me, they're so easy to overindulge in.  So, given the lack of carbs, my eating has been awesome since Sunday.  I've continued with the calorie counting and haven't really gone over the allotted amount any day.  Yesterday night, actually, I had to eat a spoonful of peanut butter because I hadn't had enough calories.  I've felt really sated after my meals and haven't missed sugar or anything.

There was a minor incident yesterday at work when some JA brought in a red velvet cake from Fresh Market.  I mean, those cakes from Fresh Market are so good - just looking at it, it was like the little guy was screaming at me "EAAAAAAT."  So I had one bite.  One bite, as in, I put a mouthful on a fork and ate it & only it.  (Still somewhat undecided if this was a failure or a success...)

Ok, you guys, my running has been awesome of late.  I mean, incredible.  (And yes, it's all on a treadmill: insert comment about how running on a treadmill isn't as hard as running outside - got it.)

So my m.o. in the past had always been slow speed/long distance.  It used to be that if I ran faster than ~10 min/mile my body - hips, knees, back - would start to hurt.  Well Jonathan said something the other day about how I should just try to run faster and see what happens.  So I did.  And wonderful things happened!  Namely:
1) My painful body parts aren't anymore.  I've been majorly working on stretching (and seeing some awesome advancements there as well); and my yoga teacher pointed out a potential cause of my knee pain (that I was hyperextending my joint when stretching) and I corrected it - so I think those two are huge contributors.
2) I'm able to cover so many miles in such a short amount of time.
3) I can do a whole different kind of interval work.  My favorite of the moment has been a pattern of running one 8-min mile, one 9-min mile, one 8 minute, one nine, etc.

All this great running and a super hard yoga class made this week a good one for exercise.

And so, as far as weight loss, I'm down 3 lbs.  And perhaps more shocking - on Sunday morning I measured my waist and then I measured it again today: down 1.5 inch - ha!  I think this is more a reflection of how bloated I got after Thanksgiving (since I never measured my waist at the start of Fitness Fridays) and not necessarily an indicator of how things are going.  But whatev - take what you can get.

Have a good weekend!


LB said...

Oooh go you! That's a great comeback after a tempting holiday. And I think the red velvet "incident" was a success, for sure. Maybe it helped contribute to you not craving sweets, as well!
p.s. I may end up contributing to Fitness Friday reports b/c I'm going to try reintroducing P90X into my life...

Sarah said...

Congrats on a good week! I think one bite of cake is a good way to satisfy a craving. I'm jealous of your discipline after I just ate a mini blueberry muffin for someone's bday and don't even like those that much. I also worked out a lot for Thanksgiving week, but ate what I wanted, but not more. I'm not big on pie so I skipped it and opted for baileys with coffee which satisfied me without going overboard. I put my gym membership on hold for November and December because it was so nice in Sept and Oct I wasn't using it but I have missed it for running because I forgot what a baby I am about running in the cold. I have been doing P90x tapes combined with speed walking at lunch and other yoga tapes. It made me realize how weak all my muscle groups besides my legs have gotten from mainly running/playing sports over the summer, so I think it has been good for me. I really like what yoga does for my awareness of my body and definitely plan on having it be a life long component of my fitness routine. I am also down 3 lbs from the Thanksgiving bloat and starting to feel a little more like myself again. I also feel like that is the easy part though...