Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Christmas!  It's the week of Christmas!  Woo hoo!

We had a really great, holiday-centered weekend.  Friday, was a fun date night: we went to "Zoo Lights," where the whole zoo is decked out in Christmas cheer.  They've also set up an ice skating rink.  The original intention for our trip to the zoo was to ice skate, ie, teach my Southern husband how to skate (since he's never even worn skates before).  The whole skating scene was really crowded, though - too crowded to teach someone how to skate (especially in a situation where he didn't want to fall too much because of his already-painful shingles and/or our upcoming vacation).  It was fun to stand around the rink and watch, even if we weren't skating, though - so the night was still really fun.  (And we definitely enjoyed some hot cocoa, even though we didn't "deserve" it by skating off some calories.)

Saturday morning, Jonathan's Christmas dreams came true and we watched Die Hard 2.  I then did a seven (that is, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7) mile run on the treadmill.  And Saturday night, we attended a big dinner party (8 couples) at our friends' house.  The couple who hosted really like to have parties at their house - and, appropriately, are great at entertaining.  We had such a fun time (Jonathan so much that he didn't remember how we got home).

Sunday morning, Jonathan was feeling the effects of a blackout portion of the previous night.  I, on the other hand, felt great (since I was, in fact, the way we got home), and did a six mile run.

Sunday night, we attended the Christmas party of one of my friend's parents.  It was definitely an older crowd - but still fun to have plans on a Sunday night other than laying on the couch watching football.

Overall, it was great!  A fun collection of holiday merriment!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fitness Friday...Recap??

So Fitness Friday was originally proposed on November 12th, and it was to last up to Christmas.  If we're going by that schedule, this will be the last one.  I sort of like having a day to check in on what I'm doing with myself in terms of health/fitness, though - so there might be some more Fitness Fridays in the future.

If we're recapping from the original post, my two goals were to: 1) lose 9-10 pounds; and 2) workout most days of the week.

I did not achieve goal one.
I did achieve goal two.

Frankly I'm feeling a little confused by the whole weight loss thing.  After LB & Tippy's comments last week about how I'm potentially not eating enough calories (something also preached by Tony Horton of P90x), I did some internet research about it.  I'm feeling even more in the dark than I was before.

The LoseIt! app tells me I should eat ~1250/day to lose 2 lbs a week.  It doesn't account for exercise, other than "letting" you eat more if you work out.  One website I found said I should eat the amount of calories/day that would sustain my goal weight (which makes proper sense, I think); so I calculated that amount in the LoseIt! app and it was ~2000/day.  Mmmk. 

Then I found a website that gave me all these equations to calculate different stuff: my BMR (basal metabolic rate), and then the number of calories/day to lose weight.  This felt the most legit because I was using my current weight and my goal weight, and I was calculating how much I exercise (because I definitely have a high & intense exercise level every week).  I don't remember the exact number, but it was something like 3000 calories/day to lose weight.  Hmm.

I don't know.  I'm sure we can all argue points for any of those plans.  I'll tell you that the thought of eating 3000 calories/day freaks me out.  I don't think I could do it.

But anyway - I'm getting carried away with this one point.  To recap my week, I didn't eat awesome (ate out Wednesday for lunch & dinner; generally didn't care as much about counting calories) and I didn't exercise on Sunday (too hungover) or Wednesday (too lazy in the afternoon and then time crept away and I had book club).  So not a great week, really.  No weight lost - maybe a pound gained?  It's tough to tell what is legitimately weight gained vs. water retained following a day of bad eating.

I'm having some other general thoughts about weight loss and/or body image - but I'll probably save them for another post.

How did you guys do this week?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Great Days

What a lovely couple of days I'm having!

I took a half day yesterday (trying to use all my vacation time before year end), so I got to have a long lunch with Tiffany!  I haven't seen her since she moved to the UK three years ago.  It was fun to catch up and hear about her Euro life.

Then last night my book club did a holiday book exchange.  It was so fun!  I highly suggest if you have a book club, you think about doing this as well.  Everyone brought a book that they thought was really awesome.  And then we did a dirty Santa gift exchange.  Each time a book was unwrapped, the person who brought it explained why they liked it so much.  I ended up with The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall and I can't wait to read it!  Brooke, the girl who brought it, went to the same college as me (although she's a little older & I didn't know her) and the book was suggested to her by one of my English professors, so I think it'll be legit.

And then today - glorious day - I'm using up more vacation time, so I don't have to go to the office at all!  I might do a little Christmas shopping.  I might lay around.  I might get some fancy coffee from a coffee shop.  I might read.  I might bake.  The day is all mine!  Ahhh.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Thoughts

There are a few holiday-related thoughts swimming through my mind of late - so I thought I'd share them with you guys...

1) Peppermint-Flavored Stuff. 
I can't get enough of it!  It's never been high on my list of favorite holiday tastes, but for whatever reason now, I'm addicted!  I want to eat/drink peppermint-flavored everything.

2) Greeting Cards
I had no intention to make a holiday card this year.  Since we don't have kids, it wasn't even on my radar to send out a picture of the two of us (especially since we missed the chance last year to send one from our wedding).  But when the cards started flooding in this year, I had a little remorse.  Especially because there have been a handful of CWKs (couples without kids) who have sent lovely little cards of just them.  So now I'm kind of teetering on whether to send one.  I don't think it's too late if I act fast - and/or, I have the option of sending a New Years card like my mom does every year.  But should I?  We already have all addresses from the wedding, so that wouldn't really require any work.  But I just don't know!

3) New Coat
I got a new coat last weekend!  I asked my mom for a JCrew giftcard for Christmas specifically for this purpose.  And since JCrew was doing 25% off all orders over $150, I went for it!  I got it in black because I don't have a black coat.  (And an added bonus: I think the woman rang the order up incorrectly.  I'm still sort of confused about it. But I know it cost less than I thought it would, and thus only had to pay $15 out of pocket.  Thanks mom & JCrew checkout lady, you've made my holiday merry and bright!)

4) Stockings
We didn't hang stockings by the chimney with care this year.  I know I have a stocking somewhere, but it wasn't in the plastic bins with all the other Christmas decs, so I have no clue where it could be.  One thing I've been sort of pondering, though, is making some needlepoint stockings for our family.  This is such a grandmother activity, but I actually really enjoy needlepoint.  I have two reservations, though: 1) I haven't done a project since high school - no clue if I still remember how to do it (and also, no clue if I still know what kind of needle/thread to buy); and 2) in HS, I didn't have the troubles I now have with my carpal tunnel, so I don't know if working on a cross stitch would potentially bother my wrist.

5) Love Actually
We watched Love Actually on Sunday night.  It's one of my top-five favorite Christmas movies - maybe even movies in general.  On the surface, it's a lighthearted romantic movie.  But seriously, if you really analyze the characters & their relationships (and then contrast all the different relationships in the movie against each other), there's so much substance to the whole thing.  Big fan.

6) Christmas Cookies
I haven't had any Christmas cookies this year.  Not one.  This is an accomplishment.  But it's also sort of sad.

7) Almost....
Beach time!  Cannot wait!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Sunday morning, I was in a bad place.  We attended a lovely dinner party the night before at Anna/Kevin's.  In addition to a delicious spread of food, the champagne, wine, and Bailey's flowed freely the whole night.  Too freely.

The next morning, I had the stereotypical hangover: headache, extreme nausea, body aches, fever flashes - the works.

Now, if someone were to ask me what the best food is for a hangover, I'd direct them to Huey's.  It's a local burger joint where I'd promptly advise: a (veggie)burger, french fries, and a Diet Coke.  While this hasn't been scientifically proven, I'm willing to bet 9 out of 10 hangover sufferers agree that this food works wonders on the weary, post-drinking stomach. 

If the local burger joint isn't available, I'd recommend the greasy spoon breakfast place.  Upon entering, one should immediately place an order for: fried eggs, buttered toast, greasy hashbrown potatoes, and coffee.  Again - it would work wonders.

But what "hangover food" does one eat who's on a healthy-eating kick?  If you recall, my healthy-living plan only includes one day of food splurges (Saturday).  So when the hangover man came knocking at my door on Sunday morning, I didn't know what to do.  Is there a healthy alternative?

I can say with some certainty that my eggwhite scramble with spinach and black beans did not do the trick.  Did not.

Do you guys have any tried-and-true "cures" to the hangover blues?  Any thoughts on a healthy way to do it?

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Been Awhile...

Even though I grew up in the Midwest, my almost-decade in the South has definitely acclimated my body to warmer temperatures.  Memphis just doesn't get that cold.  We don't get much snow.  It's a pretty comfortable place to live in winter (relatively speaking - that is, for a place that doesn't have a warm climate all year). 

You might imagine my surprise, then, when I checked the temperature this morning and told me it was:
13 degrees
(Feels like 0)

It's been awhile since I've felt zero.  And I can say pretty confidently that even though I battled Ohio winters for the first decade of my life, zero still feels pretty awful.  (An unfortunate element of this equation, as well, is that our house isn't insulated for super cold winters, as the houses are in colder parts of the country.)  We didn't get any snow, which is sort of unfortunate because getting snow in Memphis is fun - ie, we don't have a driveway to shovel and since the city reacts poorly to snowfall, it's totally acceptable to stay home from work.

No snow, but still Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fitness Friday

My eating this week was awesome.  I stayed within my calorie budget every day except Saturday (when we went to that wine party).  That's how I'd like to function moving forward: 6 days within the budget, one day doing whatever.  Fun side note - did you guys know that the contestants of The Biggest Loser get one day per week to eat whatever they want?  Like, I think they can even have cheeseburgers/fries/whatever their heart desires on this day.  I read this in one of those "behind the scenes" interviews.  Apparently they do it to "trick" their system (but also probably so they stay sane).

I have to say, on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, I had a really hard time with my eating.  I don't know why - but I was having mad cravings for sugar (which isn't what I normally crave).  I had a very hard time not acting on those cravings.  But I didn't - so I feel good about that.

I worked out everyday this week but Saturday, which is great.  I was also inspired when Sarah and LB posted in the comments last week that they're going to/have been doing P90x workouts.  I think this week on Saturday, I might do a weights video, just to switch things up. 

Looking forward this week, on Monday night I have bible study and Wednesday night I have one of my book clubs.  I know I won't be able to workout before bible study (but I think I can before book club) - so I'm hoping for my day of rest to be Monday.  This is only significant because I have to workout on Saturday, which is traditionally a day of rest for me.

The Stats
Down one pound this week.  Pants are noticeably looser.  One pair that I planned to wear to church on Sunday, was so big they were falling off.  Granted, these pants have always been on the big side, but now they're laughable...and again, take what you can get.

Also, on a fun side note, Jonathan has lost 5 pounds!  Probably somewhat due to having shingles, and thus a smaller appetite.  But seriously, I think it's also because I've been cooking super healthy, we've only been eating out one night/weekend, not eating lunch out on the weekends, and not drinking a ton.  Go husband!

And Finally, Where I Try To Stay Positive...
I don't want to be negative, I really don't.  Losing one pound this week was awesome...

BUT.  Eating 1250 calories/day is hard.  It sucks, actually.  It's not that I'm hungry, because I'm not.  But with such a small calorie budget, I'm not really having any treats.  Ever.

And also, I'm just sort of confused.  Eating 1250 calories/day should put me at a calorie deficit such that I lose two pounds/week.  That's how weight loss works: you create a calorie deficit, and you lose weight.  I'm not choosing to eat 1500 instead (which would set me up to lose about 1.5 lbs/week), I'm eating 1250 measly calories.  So...WHY?

I've explored the option that maybe I'm not logging my food/exercise correctly - but I really think I am!  I measure all foods before consumption.  I count all the little things - the 2% milk in my coffee every morning, the mustard in my tuna, the spritz of olive oil in which I cook my eggs.  I give myself 100 calories for every mile clocked on the treadmill (even though in actuality, I'm probably burning more than that).  I think I'm doing it right.

So I know.  Patience.  Patience & steadfastness are key.  (But I'm feeling slightly disheartened.)

Anyway - what about you guys - how did you do this week? 

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


We decided awhile ago to phase chemicals out of our lives as much as we could.  Not in an absurd, no I won't eat those cookies because they're made with bleached flour kind of way.  We just wanted to buy organic food and less intense chemical cleaning products (ie, we recognized the increased cost of doing so and were willing to allot more of the budget to these things).

As a side note, I heard a program on NPR a few months back that talked about how we all know that buying "whole" foods at the grocery store is more expensive than buying processed foods.  And buying organic whole foods is even more.  But the program pointed out that these things only seem more expensive to us now, in today's society.  Because ~50 years ago, people used larger portions of their income on food.  In the past 20 years, with the major increase in processed foods, our culture has shifted its thinking on how much food should cost each month.  So while whole foods seem more expensive to us vs. our current culture, if we looked at buying food the way our grandparents did, we probably wouldn't be as likely to choose cheap over wholesome.  Interesting, no?

Anyway.  Jonathan and I try to buy organic most of the time.  But I'm going to be honest with you.  There are some things I buy organic because I don't want the chemicals, but when it comes to taste, I can't really tell a difference.  Some people may disagree, but to me, most in-season fruits taste the same either way.  As do most veggies.  Organic onions make me cry more when I'm cutting them - maybe that counts for something?

BUT - there are some organic products that taste totally different to me.  Such that I think, in terms of taste, I'd have a really hard time going back.

Here's my top four.

1) Milk.
Milk was one of the first switches I made from conventional to organic (after Jonathan's parents relayed some key points of a conversation they had with a dairy farmer one night over dinner [random, I know]).  Organic milk tastes 100x better than normal.  And it lasts longer than non-organic milk.

2) Sour Cream
If you've never had organic sour cream, you're missing out.  And I always buy the lowfat kind (of both conventional and organic).  The lowfat organic tastes like full fat conventional, in my opinion - rich, full bodied, smooth, delicious!

3) Eggs
Again, I didn't think there would be a difference here.  But when I was last visiting my mom, I had eggs (conventional) for breakfast and seriously thought something was wrong with them - I thought they'd gone bad.  My mom tasted and said I was bonkers.  Then it dawned on me that I was used to the delicious, deep yellow, flavorful yolk of an organic, cage-free egg.

And 4) Salmon (and all meat, I guess)
I don't eat meat, so I'm not commenting from personal experience - but Jonathan does and he thinks organic is better.  I do eat fish, though.  And I can say fish, particularly salmon, is a different food than it's non-organic, farmed stepbrother.  It's rich, buttery, and smooth.

Note that cheese isn't on the list.  I'm sure it does taste better organic - but it's sort of hard to tell when you're buying a huge chunk of cheese if it's organic or not (and maybe I just kind of assume if I'm buying a nice, artisan-type cheese, they're making it from organic milk?).  Or the way that raw milk cheese is 300000x times better  - well, wouldn't the raw milk have to be organic?

Anyway - do you guys have any must-have organics that are worth the extra cost to you?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Gleek Here

When I was in high school, I was in two choirs.  One: the normal, everyone-can-join, mixed concert choir.  And the other, for lack of a better term, "show choir."

I feel that two things should be stated before I move on.  One: choir at our school wasn't really uncool.  There were people in it from all walks of high school life - athletes, Homecoming/Prom court members, band people, cheerleaders, emo kids - a little bit of everything.  And two: in our "show choir," which I was in 10-12 grade, the first half of the year we spent preparing for our annual Madrigal Dinner.  This was a dinner & play where we were the "royal court" and the other choir kids were the servers.  Everyone dressed up (oh my gosh my madrigal dress was awesome!), and after dinner was served, we put on a play.  Following the play, all choirs sang in a concert.  I say all this because the first half of every year in show choir was dedicated to the Madrigal Dinner.  It wasn't until second semester that we did "showy" songs (and in fact, my 11-12 grade, we didn't do any dancing, we just sang jazz songs).  I don't know if that helps to make it sound less lame - but it should.

Anyway, I give you that intense preface because, given my history, I should like the show.  But, I'll go ahead and speak the truth:

I don't like Glee.

I do like the songs in Glee.  If the whole show was just the characters singing & dancing, I'd be in love.  But it's not, so...I'm not.

Instead, I hate the characters.  There are only a couple that I even find tolerable to watch, let alone be interested their success.  (Except maybe Santana, but only because she's mean to all the annoying characters.)  I can't watch the main girl sing because she has those huge lips and makes those stupid faces.  But aside from that, her character is awful.  I seriously want anyone who saw last week's episode to try to argue that she's not awful - because I think it might be impossible.  When she was dumped and sad, I found myself finally enjoying the episode.

The gay kid also especially drives me crazy (Kirk?  Kurt?).  In fact, I asked Jonathan the other night how happy he'd be if they killed him off and the new gay kid (Blaine, I think?) took his place as the token homosexual on the show.

I didn't mind the new blonde kid...until he gave that ring a couple weeks ago.  Then his ranking with me quickly plummeted.

I guess I just shouldn't watch.  But Jonathan does, so it's on our tv at some point during the week.  And awful characters or not - the kids can sing!  They're awesome - and I love the songs & dances (Brittany S. Pearce is a friggin amazing dancer).  I also like all the celebrity cameos.  But other than that, I really genuinely can't stand to watch the annoying characters interact with each other in annoying ways.

Do you guys watch?  And if so, are you not affected by how unlikeable most a lot of the characters are?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekends Rule

We had a nice little weekend.  It was super low key, as Jonathan's battling a nasty case of shingles and is in quite a bit of pain, but it was good and relaxing, none the less.

Friday night we stayed in and I made a delicious vegetable curry.  I watched my fave, What Not To Wear, and we got some of TCBY's seasonal flavors (egg nog and peppermint - holy crap, awesome).  Saturday morning, we set up chairs on the marathon route where it passed through our neighborhood (mile 16) to cheer on the runners.  We watched Patti fly by (seriously - she was making awesome time), and then our friend Jerry a little bit behind her.  It's always inspiring to see people accomplish such a huge physical feat.

Saturday night we went to a party hosted by one of Jonathan's partners at work.  I'm still somewhat confused about the logistics, but I guess the hosts are part of a wine club that somehow graduates to different levels of their "wine-lyness" (a new word!).  Their club had just qualified for a new level, I guess, and were thus allowed to have these two winemakers from California come to showcase their wines.  Logistics aside, the wine was awesome and the food was great - and the house where the party was held was huge & really nice.  It was a fun night.

Sunday afternoon I had a Junior League holiday party at the President's house.  It's so weird, because I often find that events I'm not excited about attending end up being a great time.  That was the case yesterday.  I was nervous because I didn't know if anyone from my small group would be there - and it turned out no one was, actually - but it was good to see some new faces and talk with new people.  So a nice afternoon, in the end - and a good cap to a relaxing weekend.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fitness Friday

You might have noticed I didn't post a "Fitness Friday" the day after Thanksgiving...  Not intentional as much as straight up lazy/too busy.  So to sum up the week of Thanksgiving: I ate/drank a lot, but also exercised a lot.  At Thanksgiving dinner, I loaded my plate with an enormous carb bomb (as is the case with vegetarians on the big day - stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberries, etc.) but didn't take any seconds.  And I had one two small pieces of different pies (pecan & pumpkin ice cream pie).  Could have been better, certainly, but also could've been much worse.

Moving into this week, I was feeling pretty bloated/gross.  So starting Sunday, I decided to no carb for a week or two so I could bring down some bloat.  (No carbing for me is: lots of fish, lots of vegetables, nut/nut butters in moderation, a lot of beans, eggs, a small-moderate amount of lowfat dairy, and no sugar.)  It's been a really good week.

I think, generally speaking, I probably shouldn't eat a lot of grain-type carbs to begin with.  They're calorically dense and for me, they're so easy to overindulge in.  So, given the lack of carbs, my eating has been awesome since Sunday.  I've continued with the calorie counting and haven't really gone over the allotted amount any day.  Yesterday night, actually, I had to eat a spoonful of peanut butter because I hadn't had enough calories.  I've felt really sated after my meals and haven't missed sugar or anything.

There was a minor incident yesterday at work when some JA brought in a red velvet cake from Fresh Market.  I mean, those cakes from Fresh Market are so good - just looking at it, it was like the little guy was screaming at me "EAAAAAAT."  So I had one bite.  One bite, as in, I put a mouthful on a fork and ate it & only it.  (Still somewhat undecided if this was a failure or a success...)

Ok, you guys, my running has been awesome of late.  I mean, incredible.  (And yes, it's all on a treadmill: insert comment about how running on a treadmill isn't as hard as running outside - got it.)

So my m.o. in the past had always been slow speed/long distance.  It used to be that if I ran faster than ~10 min/mile my body - hips, knees, back - would start to hurt.  Well Jonathan said something the other day about how I should just try to run faster and see what happens.  So I did.  And wonderful things happened!  Namely:
1) My painful body parts aren't anymore.  I've been majorly working on stretching (and seeing some awesome advancements there as well); and my yoga teacher pointed out a potential cause of my knee pain (that I was hyperextending my joint when stretching) and I corrected it - so I think those two are huge contributors.
2) I'm able to cover so many miles in such a short amount of time.
3) I can do a whole different kind of interval work.  My favorite of the moment has been a pattern of running one 8-min mile, one 9-min mile, one 8 minute, one nine, etc.

All this great running and a super hard yoga class made this week a good one for exercise.

And so, as far as weight loss, I'm down 3 lbs.  And perhaps more shocking - on Sunday morning I measured my waist and then I measured it again today: down 1.5 inch - ha!  I think this is more a reflection of how bloated I got after Thanksgiving (since I never measured my waist at the start of Fitness Fridays) and not necessarily an indicator of how things are going.  But whatev - take what you can get.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Giving

Now that it's December, we can officially talk about Christmas and no one's even judging and/or rolling their eyes anymore ("I mean, seriously, Christmas?  Already?").  SO!  Let's talk about gift giving.

Not to brag, but I have to admit that I feel close to 0% stress about holiday giving this year.  I've planned, thought, bought some, and I'll absolutely be ready to go at holiday time.  This happened for a few reasons:

1) My mom (notoriously the hardest person to shop for in the World) wants a camera.  Done.  No more thinking about it.
2) Jonathan and I are going to buy a book for eachother, that's it.  (But it's much less boring than it sounds: he's getting a new computer and some new work clothes [stuff he needs], and I'm getting stuff I want from the rest of my family, and will hopefully also get a new computer soon.  Also we'll be at the beach, which never really has the pressure of giving/receiving a ton of presents.)
3) My dad/stepmom have implemented a new rule that if we buy stuff for my half brother & sister, we shouldn't get them stuff.  This is key because the kids are relatively easy to shop for, whereas my dad is not.
4) I've been keeping a little running list of stuff that I want.  It sounds silly that it would stress me out to ask for presents, but it does.  Like, when I don't put thought into what I want, I end up telling people silly little things they could get me ("well, pajamas would be nice"), but then I feel tons of regret because I think there are certainly things I want (and that I wouldn't buy for myself), but then I've lost my chance to get them.

On my list this year are the following:
1) A new winter coat (there are a couple at JCrew that I like).
2) Black pumps for work.
3) A cute apron from Anthropologie.
4) Ugg boots - Jonathan says I'm too old to wear these what does he know?

So instead of being crippled with stress and/or lack of funds, I feel awesome about this year!  I can't wait to give presents and I can't wait to receive them.  And we're going to be at the beach!

Are you guys feeling on top of your holiday shopping/receiving or are you approaching major stress?  (I think I might experience abnormal holiday stress, so maybe you guys don't have any and you haven't even bought anything suck.)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WW Remix

My introduction to the world of calorie counting was through Weight Watchers a few years ago.  I did the online program (not the meetings), which is basically an enormous database of food that you log into your personal calorie counter for the day.  Each food is assigned a point value (to make it easier, I guess), and you're allotted a certain amount of points each day, with some extra each week for a little wiggle room.

I like the act of logging what I eat into a calorie counter (which is why I like/use the free Lose It! app on my iPhone now).  But WW was a good choice for me when I first started.  The point system is simple to use.  And the database of foods is really big.  Their website is also really informative and has tons of features on it, ie, new articles everyday about healthy living, an online community with message boards, tons of recipes, biographies on success stories, etc.  It's really great, actually.

Some drawbacks on the whole program, in my opinion:
1. Emphasis on points vs. healthy choices.  So, a banana for example, is two points.  That's a lot of points (considering I was eating about 23/day).  A 100 calorie pack of processed snack cakes is one point.  There was nothing really encouraging you to eat the banana over the snack pack.
2.  To calculate the points of something, you entered calories, total fat, and fiber.  Protein/sugar/cholesterol/sodium - nothing else mattered in the point equation.  This made something like an avocado essentially off limits, while chips were fine in moderation.
3.  It was a little expensive - but I guess this isn't a huge negative, since the program really is offering you a lot.

BUT THEN - on Monday of this week, Weight Watchers launched a new program.  A program that emphasizes healthy choices.  It uses a lot of factors to determine point values (not just the cal/fat/fiber).  People are allotted more points per day AND more points for their wiggle room.  And perhaps the most incredible thing, in my opinion: all fruit and just about every veggie has a point value of ZERO!

I mean, this is so awesome to me, it makes me want to go back to the program.  I eat a lot of fruit and veggies.  But that also leads me to this question: how can fruit have zero points?  Because there are calories in fruit - even though it's healthy - how can those calories not count in creating your daily calorie deficit?  On a given day, I'll eat usually 4-5 servings of fruit.  Using the data from Lose It!, this equals 281-371 calories per day.  Per week, that's 2597 calories.  How can those not matter?  And if they don't matter, what's stopping someone from eating 10 servings of fruit/day?

Does anyone do Weight Watchers (or know someone who does) that could answer this question for me?  Could it be something about the way our bodies process fruit/veggies?  Is there a point where fruit starts to have points (like, after eating three servings, or something)?  I'm so curious.  And does this mean I don't need to log fruit/veggie into my Lose It! app??