Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Year Ago Today...

One year ago today, I woke up at 6am and cleaned my entire house - vacuumed, scrubbed, dusted - the works.  I guess that wouldn't have been 100% bizarre for a Saturday morning if I wasn't going to slip into this a little later:
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(Cleaning is one of the ways I deal with stress/nerves - whatev.)

So, today is November 14, 2010: exactly one year after I walked down the aisle and said "I do" with this guy.
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Our wedding day was awesome - the "best day of my life," to use the cliche.  The whole weekend, actually, was awesome/loving/humbling/etc.  We were surrounded by family and friends (all 275 of them) who were so happy for us and excited to be there - we felt so much support/energy from the group of people - it was awesome.

The wedding day itself was a busy one for me (the morning clean, followed by a lovely day-of-the-wedding brunch hosted by friends of Jonathan's parents, hair & makeup done, hours of pictures, ceremony, reception, and then HUGE recap of everything once we got to our hotel that night).  I think, in total, I was awake for almost 24 hours.  But overall, they were the best hours I could of wanted.  It's weird thinking back to it now - like, even a year after, I still remember how giddy I was about the whole thing.  If we could've bottled that happiness, I think we'd still be taking draws from it a year later.

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I don't think I really would've changed anything about the wedding in retrospect (except I would've drank CAFFEINE at the reception).  The ceremony was perfect - worshipful and personal (our pastor even mentioned our pets in his sermon).  The reception venue was so cool (I don't have pics, but it was a beautiful old southern mansion that is now a children's museum - The Pink Palace).  The band rocked hard (and might or might not have inspired Katie, Lb, and me to sing BoRap with them on stage).  I remember going friggin insane being a little frustrated with the florist because I couldn't reach him the week before the wedding to confirm.  But in the end, the flowers were awesome, so I don't think I would've wanted to use someone else.

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It should also be said that our photographer was fantastic!  Sara Beth Raab at Southern Design Studio knows what she's doing.  (Actually, if you go to her website, click "weddings," and then click "sample weddings," we're the one on the right.)  She was able to use our beautiful church to its full potential to get shots like this:

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There were also some small, random aspects of the whole thing that I loved.  I loved the hotel we stayed that night (The Madison) and how we had breakfast in bed the next morning.  I loved that the caterer packed us food to take back to the hotel, so we could eat while we recapped the whole weekend.  I loved that when we got to the reception venue, we had a little private dinner upstairs before we went down to where the guests were.  I loved that when we first saw each other in our wedding clothes (since we did pictures before the ceremony), we met in the little chapel that's on the other end of our church from the sanctuary.  I loved that we used the cake topper that was on my grandmother/grandfather's wedding cake, and roughly designed our cake after theirs.

Photo Source: One of my friends of Facebook - thanks, friend.

Overall it was perfect, as any wedding should be.
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Note about photos: All of these pictures (except the cake-cutting one) were taken by our photographer, Southern Design Studio.  I would've included more, but I was limited to the JPEGs I could pull off Facebook & the photog's blog (because I didn't feel like digging through the DVD that has the thousands of pics she took that day).  I promise that my husband was in many many more of the pictures.

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LB said...

Yay! Such an awesome wedding. Although I really thought the highlight of the night was in the bathroom, but whatever...potato, po-tah-to.