Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Would You Do? (Part I)

A couple days ago, a man was on his way to a restaurant when he saw an abandoned backpack at the edge of the woods by his house.  Noting the annoyance he feels since he often misplaces his own wallet, he picked up the backpack, hoping to find some identifying information that would help him return it.  Instead of identifying information, it was filled with jewelry and $5000 in cash.

What would you do?


Many of you have probably heard this story, but I've actually had an experience somewhat similar to this...

In the process of packing my house so I could move into Jonathan's, I was cleaning out my bathroom.  My bathroom at the old house was this tiny little space that could really only comfortably hold one person at a time.  In fact, it was so small that the drawer and cabinet closest to the wall couldn't ever open 100% because they ran into the toilet.  Because of that (and because it was really hard to get down to the cabinet [since you'd have to lean on the toilet]), I only used it for storing stuff that I didn't need on a daily basis.  The cabinet was divided in two by a horizontal shelf - so stuff that was in the bottom half was nearly impossible to access.

Well, when I was cleaning the bottom portion of the cabinet out, I hoisted myself on the toilet and shoved my arm in there to pull everything out.  In the process of doing so, the top of my wrist brushed against something that was hanging down from the underside of the shelf.  I felt around with my fingers (because it would've been really difficult to lay down on the floor to look), and realized something had been taped to the bottom of the shelf.

With some prodding, I pulled down a little cloth jewelry bag with about 20 pieces of tape attached to it.  I opened it and found an enormous diamond engagement ring with a matching platinum wedding band.  Nothing else.

What would you do?

I'll post my thoughts (and follow up to the story tomorrow).  But really, in both of these situations, what would you do?

Some info about my house, too: it was built in the 40s; the original owners lived in it for most of their lives (I think when they were really old they either moved to a nursing home or in with relatives); the second owner was a dad who bought the house for his daughter when she was in optometry school - she lived in it with a friend who was also in school; when the girls moved out, the house was rented to a displaced Hurricane Katrina family - parents probably in their late 30s with two kids ~ age 10; we were the third owners.  And my bathroom in the house was an addition - I don't know if the original owners built it or the second owners.

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Tippy said...

Oh my gosh. I'm so happy you found that. Have been looking for it for ages. :)

I'm not sure what I would do. If you contacted any of the previous tenants all would probably claim it was theirs. My speculation is that the original tenants hid it from their children/grandchildren. Or the student girl broke an engagement and couldn't handle looking at the ring everyday or returning it to the guy. Then forgot where she hid it from herself.
Can't wait for the truth!!