Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We Re-Uned

It's hard to pinpoint exactly how I'd like to sum up the reunion weekend in a blog post... 

It was great.  That could probably be the end of the post.  But since "concise" isn't a word I'd necessarily use to describe my writing, I'll go with some bullets.

1) Katie & LB stayed at our house and it was awesome; somewhat reminiscent of our pre-marriage days of living together - maybe even better?  (Since, you know, you live with people and there are the occasional dramatic moments or arguments about who's going to clean the bathroom, etc.)  But we all needed a little mini reunion this past weekend, so it was good times all around.

2) I was the chairman of our reunion committee, and from that viewpoint, everything went awesomely well.  The weather agreed (even though it was chilly); we had a really big turn-out on Saturday night; Halliburton Terrace turned out exceptionally well (dare I say even better than The Bar Which Shall Remain Unnamed, had we been there?); the Friday event was fine and at least had more than 10 people (which was one of my fears); and overall, people in our class seemed to be having a good time.  Success!

3) We stayed out really late both nights.  It reminded me that: a) I'm not as young as I used to be; but b) I'm still not that old yet.  Something about that realization feels right.

4) We went to Beale Street on Saturday night after the event on campus.  I smuggled beers through the security entrance, tucking one of said beers into my leggings.  I guess I'm definitely not that old yet.

5) We ate and drank so much!  I'm still bloated and my scale is still registering 5 pounds heavier than it did Friday morning.  Awesome.

6) Brad - I wish I could've held your arm muscles a little longer than you let me on Sunday afternoon.

Like I said, an overall success!  And now 5 years to rest until the next one....

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