Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm really excited for Thanksgiving!  I wish I could have dedicated this whole week to blogging about it.  Unfortunately, I spent most of Sunday reading a book for my book club last night (Saturday by Ian McEwan - highly recommend), and then I was super busy at work yesterday (I'm also busy today, actually...but whatev).

So in my opinion, Thanksgiving is one of the better holidays to celebrate because it doesn't really involve much stress.  (I'm sure for people who host 20+ people at their house, it's a different story - but for me, at this point in life, it's awesome.)  There are no presents to buy, no real preparation except maybe making a couple dishes of food (as I'll be doing this year to take to my in law's house).  And other than that?  You get to go to a house full of family/friends and food, and basically hang out with each other, eat, drink, and relax for most of the day.  There's the parade to be watched in the morning (love it!), football in the afternoon, and then either The Sound of Music or It's A Wonderful Life at night (there have been some programming differences the past few years).  I don't really think it gets much better than that.  (I guess it helps, too, that I actually enjoy spending time with my family & Jonathan's - so I never really dread the holidays like some people do.)

This year Jonathan's sister's family is in town from Chicago (they have three kids), and we'll do Thanksgiving dinner with the nine of us.  I'm really excited!

What are your plans?


LB said...

I've come to love Turkey Day more and more over the last few years (i.e. since I've been with a great cook). But I think all the cooking is so fun too! There's a lot to be said for a holiday surrounded by football and food...Have fun with those sweet kiddos!

Claire said...

I too love Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday. Love preparing all of the delicious food (and eating it, obvs), falling asleep afterward in front of a Christmas movie (National Lampoon's and Meet Me in St. Louis are family favorites, though I've been trying to incorporate others like Home for the Holidays and, more recently, the Family Stone) then waking up for pie. And it's usually very little stress, as it's just my sisters, parents, and grandparents. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jonathan! :)