Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Peeved: Work Edition

For the most part, my office environment is totally fine and normal.  (It might be a little more AMPED UP than other offices - but I blame the nature of our work and the abundant amount of testosterone.)

There are certain things, though, that really annoy me.  Pet peeves, if you will.  I'll vent for a second if you don't mind (although, some of these are a little on the strange side, I admit....)

1. When people back into their parking space in the parking lot.  This annoys me in all aspects of life, but particularly the work lot because it's never full!  There's never a time when so many cars are trying to leave that it's hard to get out and thus, would be advantageous to be able to pull straight out.  Never.

2.  When we're walking up to the building from the lot, and someone hits the wrong pedestrian button for the light.  This is slightly hard to explain: but basically, to get from the parking lot, we have to pass over a really busy street.  If you don't hit the pedestrian button to cross, the light is too quick (and we don't have ample time to cross).  But there are TWO buttons - one for the busy road we need to cross, but then one to cross the road into the parking lot (so if you did cross that road, you'd be walking along the busy road).  Well, if you hit the wrong button, you're just making the light for the busy road longer, making all of us arrive to work a couple minutes later than if you knew what you were doing.

3.  When that man I work with brews the coffee stronger than one bag/pot.  I know you all agree with me on this.

4.  When the men I work with comment on my food.  This happens daily, no question - but some times more than once a day.  I'll be heating my breakfast in the microwave: "So, having some eggs?"  or "Oatmeal, huh?"  Or then I'll be preparing my salad for lunch: "Wow, that looks healthy" or "Ooooh, what's on that?"  I'm serious - this happens every day.  And I know they're probably doing it just to engage in conversation that isn't stock market-related - but since it happens everyday, it drives me insane.  It gives my life a super uncomfortable Groundhog Day-type feeling.

5.  When the rather large woman who works in the department on the other side of the hall sees me with my lunch and, with way too much cheer says, "Enjoy your salad!!!!!"

6.  When the same guy from #3 sends me an email with an attachment and says, "hey, do me a favor and print this attachment out and bring it to me."  Yep.  He seriously does that.

7.  When people are too lazy to unload the dishwasher so they start a massive pile of dirty dishes in the sink.  I don't like unloading the dishwasher anymore than the next guy - but 3 minutes of my time is worth not having a sink full of filth.

8.  When the woman who cleans the kitchen comes in to a sink piled with dishes, but first watches The View and eats her breakfast at our table before she cleans.  I mean....really?

9.  When women from other floors come to our floor to "use the facilities" and then head back to the stairwell, having no other "business" to attend to on our floor.  Apparently this is an even bigger problem with the men's bathrooms - but sick, sick, sick!

And finally, 10.  When people come into my office to ask me something and hover too close to my desk/come around to my side of the desk.  There's a very clear division between my space and my guest's space (that has three possible seats), that no one needs to come anywhere near my side of the desk.

Ah.  Didn't that feel nice.  Do you guys have any pet peeves in your office environments?


Sarah said...

Hahaha. I love this one. Hearing about other people's pet peeves at work makes me feel more normal. Here are a few of mine:
- During the diet competition at work last year, a skinny co worker of mine saw me eating grapes and told me they have a lot of sugar.
- When people staple, bind, or sort things on the filing cabinet behind my cube instead of in the copy room.
- When my old boss would call me on the phone from her office that was 3 feet away from my cube.

Ahh feels better to vent! Thanks.

LB said...

Ha, I love these pet peeves. First, you should tell the Overly Caffeinated Jackass to print his own damn attachment. Second, is L. Finch now in Calvin's old office?! And third, you should definitely, definitely start using the other floors toilets as the deuce room. Right back at 'em!

Claire said...

Haha. I just started a new job (about a month ago), so I can't say I have any real problems yet. But give me time. Although, I do share an office, and I will say, it drives me nuts to listen to my office mate: eat his yogurt (he stirs it for a long time, then really scrapes that container clean when done) and staple things. He staples SO LOUDLY and quickly.

And I totally agree that the area directly around your desk is very much your personal space. I absolutely cannot stand when people assume they can just walk right up to you or your computer screen without asking first.