Thursday, November 18, 2010


I don't usually sleep in traditional pajamas.  I have quite a few nightgowns that are pretty cute - not the kind our grandmothers used to wear - that I like to wear in summer.  But in winter, I usually end up in a long sleeved t-shirt because I get so cold. 

I hesitate to wear pajama pants because I find them a little annoying.  That is, they don't keep me all that warm and they completely bunch up above my knees, which just makes me uncomfortable and feeling like I have a ton of fabric all around me.  And since they've bunched up?  They don't keep me any warmer than if I didn't have any on to begin with.

The problem remains, though: I still get really cold.

Well, today in my daily SPAM mailings from online retailers, Victoria's Secret was offering a "Pajama Sale."  I clicked just to see what they have, and I think I might have found something that would remedy the pants-bunching-up sitch:
No need to tell me, because yes, I do realize how ugly and unflattering these pajamas would be.  BUT - I think that tapered leg might be key to warmth without fabric bunching.  And they look like they might be a little looser than sleeping in, say, leggings (which is kind of too tight for me - I like to have a little air flow).

Do you guys usually sleep in something cute?  Or are you all function, no fuss?

(Jonathan - what do you think of those, huh??  It might be hard for you to sleep with that hot temptation next to you all night.)


Sarah said...

I have this problem often. I have recently taken to sleeping in a long sleeve shirt similar to the one pictured, and I actually find it comfortable and not as unattractive as my white long sleeve tee shirt with "Lancers" printed along the sleeve. I have some capri pajama pants that aren't very attractive but are perfect for not bunching but keeping me warmer. Good luck!

Claire said...

I actually have a really hard time sleeping in long sleeved shirts. It would have to be something that didn't have any bunching around the wrists. HAAYte that. And I find if I get a sturdy enough flannel PJ pant, I don't have the bunching around my knee problem. I do have one pair of very swishy loose black pants (think loose yoga pants?) that I've worn for sleep and just hated bc they were completely bunched around my knees. So just buy thicker pants, k? :)