Thursday, November 11, 2010


Organization is kind of my thing.  I like stuff to be in order.  Our house is usually pretty neat because if it isn't, I get this weird anxiousness - like, I can't relax and lay on the couch if the family room is messy.  (Side note, I'm loving the time change because my body is naturally waking up a little earlier - so that allows me to get up, make the bed, straighten the family room & kitchen all BEFORE I have to get ready for work.  Coming home to a neat house is priceless for me.)

But aside from neatness, I also like things to be in order.  I like things to have a "home," if you will, such that everything can always be put away.  Aside from keeping the house clean, this helps me maintain a nice filing system for important documents.  I like to have up-to-date calendars so I can keep up with the various meetings & clubs I have each month; and so I can grocery shop and cook our dinners every night.  I maintain a reasonably healthy lifestyle because I track my exercise and food in an iPhone app.  I like things to be in order.

So one of the things I've been thinking about lately is my blog and how there isn't all that much order to it.  Sometimes I struggle with what to write (as many, many bloggers do, I have no doubt).  And while I don't feel pressure to get posts up, per se, the original intent of the blog was to get myself back into 5-day-a-week writing, so when I don't do that, I'm sort of not living up to a goal I have set for myself.  I'm not neurotic about it - please don't get that impression.  But I can affirmatively say that the initial goal of this blog remains: to write 5 days a week.

SO - putting two & two together - if I can apply some of the organization and orderly-ness of my normal life to blogging, I think it will help me achieve my initial purpose of writing almost everyday.

I think, then, that I'm going to try having "topics" that apply to a certain day of the week (ex: maybe every Monday is "food," every Tuesday is "the news," etc.).  And they could certainly be loose versions of the topic if I want (so, on a "food" day, I could maybe write about a Thanksgiving dinner that affected me as a kid), but regardless, there is some sort of unity to the whole blog.

I absolutely want these daily topics, then, to be important to me and relevant to my life.  I want the goal of writing 5 days a week to be fun (which might inspire me to actually sit down and write my novel one of these days).  Some possible contenders right now are: food, cooking, health, exercise, the news, marriage, books, getting older, etc.  I know that some of these things might be boring to some people - but they're important to me and would make me interested in logging on everyday and writing about them.  So we'll see...

Oh, and another thing mu ahahahaha, I'm probably done talking about said topics - as in, I think I'm just going to start employing this method of blogging.  So: be advised that you're probably going to see a blog that has lots of posts about the things that are most important and relevant to my life right now (which you already have - but just know there's probably a little more organization than meets the eye, because, you know, organization is kind of my thing.)

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Claire said...

I'm really impressed you've managed to update your blog as frequently as you have. One of the things that keeps me coming back for more! (Though I know I've been terrible lately, skipping out on the comments). I think it makes sense to assign broad topics to specific days. You may also want to consider leaving one day for misc. topics - whatever random thought is occupying your brain space. Happy writing (again). :)