Thursday, November 4, 2010



Did you guys see the video clip that was flying around the internet yesterday?  If not, I'll paraphrase (but I won't embed the clip in my blog because I don't know how to do that I just don't feel like it, ok?).


So anyway, this guy bought all these sandwiches from McDonald's (quarter pounder, normal cheeseburger, filet-o-fish, a chicken one, etc.) and a cheeseburger from the local "burger joint down the street."  Then he also got fries from McD's and fries from the local place.

He put each item in it's own glass container and put a lid on them.  Then he waited and observed.

The first thing to get pretty nasty was the fries from the local restaurant.  After about a week, they were completely covered in black mold.  Similarly, the burger from the local place began to mold after about a week.  (The McD's items pretty much stayed in tact that first week.)

As the weeks went on, everything started to get really nasty, though.  The fries from the local place needed to be thrown away because they were so overgrown.  All the sandwiches were really moldy, really gross, sort of goopy...

EXCEPT the McDonald's fries.  In fact, after 7 weeks, the fries looked like they'd been purchased the day before - no mold, no withering, no liquids oozing out - nothing.

That doesn't really bode well for what happens when they're actually digested by your body.  I don't know about you, but I'm not sure I'll ever put another one of those in my mouth (not that I've really had anything from McDonald's in about 5 years - but still).  Sick.


Jonathan said...

Good thing they didn't do the test with a McRib. It is available this month only!

katie said...