Friday, November 19, 2010

Fitness Friday

This was week one of my proposed pre-Christmas health plan.  Overall, it's been a good week.

The Good

I feel really comfortable with my exercise.  This was a super busy week for me (Bible study Monday night, a book club Wednesday night, and a Junior League thing Thursday night), not to mention our anniversary over the weekend.  I worked out every day except the Wednesday of book club, and I really think the only reason I didn't fit in a workout was because I was hosting the club at our house (and thus had to do all the preparations that went with that).

I did long cardio on Saturday & Sunday: an hour of walking at an incline on the treadmill one day, and an hour run on the Greenline the other.  I feel proud of myself for doing those, considering we were excited and celebrating our anniversary.  And I feel especially proud of the run on the Greenline, because I probably did ~6 miles, and I did it outside (and most of my runs are on a treadmill, which is historically easier than running outside).

I also feel really comfortable with my food for the week.  I'm under the assumption that in an overall week of counting calories to lose weight, one has a little wiggle room (which actually answers LB's question in the original post ["what are you going to do when you have a big bowl of sweet potatoes staring at you on Thanksgiving?"], answer: I will eat them on that one day of the week and not feel bad about it).  So I took my wiggle room on Saturday night of our anniversary when we went out to a nice dinner, had the top layer of our wedding cake (which was surprisingly awesome, by the way), and drank a lot of wine.

But I dutifully counted calories, otherwise.  I kept my after-work snacks reasonable.  And what I'm particularly proud of: I cooked us dinner on Friday night and didn't have anything to drink (since it was just us staying in for the night).  We usually eat out on both weekend nights, so this was a good option.

The Bad

I had a tough time on Monday night.  Bible study started at 6:30, so I didn't have all that much time to do anything.  I had pre-determined I would do abs & lift weights (since cardio was out of the question), but when it actually came time to do it, I had trouble with motivation.  I didn't want to lay on the ground doing ab moves because I knew it would be painful and not fun.  I dilly-dallied more than I should have.

Even though I had planned accordingly (ie, kept my calories really low all day), I ate too much the night of book club.  I think this would've been ok if that was my one splurge night of the week, but it really wasn't (Saturday was).  I should've done more tasting, and less give-me-3000-pieces-of-full-fat-cheese-please-now.

Weigh In
My weight didn't change this week.  I think under normal circumstances I would be discouraged by this.  But I'm not, really, because I can visibly see how much water I'm retaining at the moment (hello hormones), and I think that might have something to do with it.

Looking Ahead

Next week is going to be really hard.  Jonathan's sister & her fam arrive in Memphis on Tuesday.  We'll go to his parent's house every night of the week until they leave (on Saturday).  This poses exercise problems and eating temptations.  And then there's Thanksgiving.  Yikes!  I just don't want to gain weight - I think that's more reasonable than even beginning to think I will lose.

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Sarah said...

For our exercise competition our weeks end on Sundays, so I will comment on my week 2 (11/8 - 11/14) for now. My exercise dropped significantly from 450 to 315 minutes for the week. This was mainly due to colder weather and my lack of motivation to do 2 hours on weekend days to make up for nights I skipped for being busy during the week. I also ate terribly last weekend. I'm determined to avoid that this weekend. I feel you on the "give me 3,000 pieces of that full fat cheese" definitely a downfall of mine. One positive was that I got back into yoga and my body felt great afterwards. I get a lot of energy from yoga and feel healthy when I spend some time paying attention to my body instead of being reckless in sports and just hoping I don't get injured. So far this week is going better, so I'm hoping to finish strong this weekend rather than fall apart with my eating. :)