Monday, November 1, 2010

Awesome Streets

Yesterday afternoon (after epic Rhodes reunion weekend [more to come on that later]), my body desperately needed to get off the couch and out the door in running shoes.  And while it was nowhere near a "run" (or even "speed walk," if we're being honest), the weather was awesome and it felt good to move a little.

An added bonus was that tons of people were outside preparing for Halloween.  The atmosphere on certain blocks of our neighborhood was awesome: neighbors outside helping neighbors set up their spooky fog machines; kids already in costume running yard to yard playing; parents drinking some brew and chatting with each other in the street.

It was magnetic in a way - and it made me excited to one day live on a block that has awesome people.  Now, I should say, my street is adorable.  It's a quaint little lane with about 20 cute houses.  And everyone who lives on it is nice, for sure.  But it's not a super neighborly atmosphere, mainly because of the types of people.  There are about 5 middle aged, single women who live alone; 4 original residents of the street (one is a 95 year old woman); a few rental properties; a couple houses that aren't tended to all that well; and then a couple other young couples who just don't really have anything in common with us.  So, as strange as it may sound, we don't have any "friends" on the street; but actually, on an even deeper level, we don't even have anyone on the street who we keep up with, as in, "oh, hey Mike, how's your job in pharmaceutical sales?"  Or, "how's the new puppy Bingo?"  "Did your sister have her baby yet?"  We don't really know anything about the people who live around us except maybe what their jobs are (of the ones we met at a neighborhood gathering we had once).

So while our house is great and I love it, and our neighborhood overall is great, I'm excited to one day be on a better street - and a street with other young families who will hopefully be around the whole time their kids grow up.  In fact, I think I'd rather have a house I'm not 100% drooling over to be able to be on an awesome street with lots of kids.

What about you guys?  Are you in the same phase of life as your neighbors?  And are you friends?

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