Friday, November 12, 2010

Anyone up for a Challenge??

Today is Friday, November 12.  In approximately two weeks (holy crap where did the time go??), it will be Thanksgiving.  In approximately six weeks, it will be Christmas!

Let's stop and take that in for a second.  Christmas?  In six weeks?  Thanksgiving in two?  It was seriously 80 degrees in Memphis yesterday.

But anyway, I digress.

So, as we all know, the "holiday season" is notoriously one of the unhealthiest times of year.  You've got your work Christmas parties, holiday happy hours, holiday parties for different clubs/activities, friends' Christmas parties; and then also, holiday cookie recipes are begging to be baked (or your workmates' holiday cookie recipes that they bring in to share with you), the friggin egg nog carton screams your name every time you're at the grocery store, "Let's Talk Turkey" and "Season's Eating" are on the Food Network, and the candy canes and toffees you can only get this time of year and so good.  It's basically a calorie nightmare.

SO...I propose a challenge!

(Well, maybe not a challenge, per se.)

But I propose that if you have any lingering weight loss goal (maybe one you've been waiting for the new year to start), you do it now.  And you keep up with it through the holidays.  (Also, maybe the goal isn't weight loss-oriented - maybe you want to be able to lift X amount of weight, or run for X amount of time/miles, or wear X size, or exercise X days per week, something like that.)  And then every Friday I'm going to blog post about my own goals and progress - and if you're interested, you can comment about yours - and then we'll be accountable to each other!  Isn't that a fun little way to make a goal & stick with it (by having to report back to someone else)?

I should say that even if no one wants to play along, I'm still going to post about my own challenge on Fridays - so then I have to actually own up to my progress or lack thereof.

My Personal Challenge:
1) Lose 9-10 pounds by Christmas (this is losing 1.5-2 lbs/week - a doctor-accepted amount of weight loss - with about a week worth of wiggle room)
2) Exercise most days of the week (something I normally do - but that always seems to fall to the wayside during the holidays)

How I Will Achieve This:
1) Eat healthy, real food and track my calories in the LoseIt! app
2) Drink less than I normally do during the holidays
3) Wake up early to work out if I know I won't be able to do it after work; or lift weights on a day when I otherwise wouldn't work out (because I don't have time to do cardio & then shower [this would be days when there's a 6-7pm event])

As a point of reference, if I lose 9-10 pounds, I will weigh 3-4 pounds less than I did on my wedding day (but will be 3000x less toned [since we were just coming off P90x], so I think it will be about equal).

My family travels every year at Christmas, and this year we'll spend a week in Aruba.  Ideally I'd like to wear my awesome honeymoon bikinis on the beach instead of the tankinis I bought for our recent Mexico trip because my honeymoon suits didn't fit so I would be less exposed.

That's my plan - is anyone else on board??  Do you need the accountability over the holidays like I do?


Sarah said...

We are doing an exercise competition for work until the holidays. I'd be happy to post my goals and outcomes for that on here. In theory I'd like my increased exercise to lead to a loss of the 6 lbs I've put on since my half marathon in August. Last week was the first week of the competition. I did 450 minutes which was 3rd highest. I'm trying to match that this week but add more intensity, the weather has been so beautiful here my working out has included a lot of speed walking which isn't as effective for me. Good luck!

LB said...

Wait so what are you going to do when someone plops a big platter of dressing and sweet potatoes in front of you?! Eat less, or exercise more?

Claire said...

I haven't weighed myself in a while (talking, like, before summertime), but I assume I've put on a few pounds, maybe. Among other things, noticing less room in my clothes. It's on my list to weigh myself and start exercising more regularly. My diet has never been the problem - just need to move more. I did just start a new job, so that's my excuse lately. Hope to get moving in next few weeks, so that I can be ready for all the extra eating of food over the holiday season. Good luck, all!