Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stay on the Vineyard...

In a really nerdy way, I'm super pumped to see Jackopierce tonight at the Levitt Shell.  Nothing like a nice 90s singer/songwriter to bring some joy to my day.

I remember when my mom was given a Jackopierce cd in the mid-90s.  She had a friend (who was presumably much younger than her) who had heard them in college.  We listened to the cd somewhat often, sort of basking in our coolness for enjoying non-mainstream cds.

Then, fastforward to high school, and one year at the talent show, the hottest guy in school played his accoustic guitar and sang.  Guess what song it was?  The Vineyard!  Only I found the whole experience so much more moving than my fellow peer girls because not only was the hottest guy in school doing a really hot accoustic guitar/singing number, but I knew the song!

Then in college, we managed to find the song again, sticking it on mixed cds and singing harmonies in the car.  And of course, our friend Will (Rhodes' number 1 singer/guitar player) would not hesitate to pull out his guitar and take us back to the vineyard.

So what can I say?  I'm pumped to see that girl over there with the mahogany hair tonight - enjoy a lovely picnic dinner, some drinks, and a brisk Fall night.

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